MTG Commander Legends – Price, Cards, Release Date, & More

Our time has finally come Commander players! Despite the countless jokes about various Magic: The Gathering sets being designed for Commander, we are finally getting one entirely focused on this multiplayer format. Dubbed “Commander Legends,” this set will not only boast a ton of needed reprints but new cards and a unique draftable format. Set to release later this fall, Commander Legends will be the first-ever set solely designed for EDH. Because of this, there’s a lot of pressure on Wizards of the Coast to not only deliver quality cards but make the set affordable for all. Here’s what you need to know about Commander Legends as we head towards this specialty sets’ release date.

General Information

  • Name: Commander Legends
  • Release Date: November 6, 2020
  • Number of Cards: 361
  • Mechanics: N/A
  • Format Legality: Commander, Draft, Sealed

Commander Legends Release Date

Commander Legends’ physical release is scheduled for November 6th. This could change, as COVID-19 has proven to be tricky for Wizards of the Coast since it makes in-person pre-release events nearly impossible. However, we haven’t had any set delayed for a significant amount of time, so it’s still pretty unlikely that Commander Legends won’t drop in November. Additionally, this set is not coming to MTG Arena as the Commander format isn’t available in this game, but it will be playable on MTG Online.

Commander Legends Price

An official price for Commander Legends hasn’t been revealed so far. However, we do know that it will be more expensive than a typical Standard booster set, but cheaper than something like Double Masters. Currently, the price for a box is between $130-140 USD. This is before previews have been revealed, so there’s a chance it could go up. Given Wizards of the Coast does not enforce an MSRP, third party sellers will ultimately determine the average price for a booster box. Alternatively, for those with deeper pockets, the Collector’s Booster Box of Commander Legends is going to cost about $260 USD.

Commander Legends Cards

So far only a little over a dozen cards have been revealed for Commander Legends. We do know that the set will feature 165 new cards designed for Commander and that there will be 71 Legendary Creatures or Planeswalkers you can use as your general. Unlike other sets, booster packs will contain a whopping 20 cards, two of which are legendary creatures and one is a foil. There will also be a Collector’s Booster which contains 15 cards and comes with a variety of full art/special variations of cards in this set.

One mechanic we know that will be prominently featured throughout Commander Legends is Partner. This was originally introduced in Commander 2016, allowing players to use two cards as their commanders. Not only would this give players access to more colors, but allowed for unique synergies. Since then, Partner has been used pretty sparingly throughout other sets, but it’s making a big comeback in Commander Legends.