MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine Guide – Card Spoilers, Release Date, More

Unveiled at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Throne of Eldraine is the latest set coming to MTG Arena. Revolving around classic fairy tales, this new block appears to be a dramatic departure from the plane-spanning story we’ve been experiencing. Some of the stories that have been alluded to are The Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty, and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Set to release this fall, Throne of Eldraine’s release will have dramatic impacts on Standard and introduce a new format to MTG Arena. This new block will dramatically shake-up the format, so be prepared to see a lot of shifts in the meta.

Keep in mind, details are still scarce so we will be updating this post as new information becomes available.

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Throne of Eldraine’s Release Date

Currently, the new set is set to have a physical release on October 4, with pre-release events happening on September 28-29. While the MTG Arena release date is unknown, the new set typically has a much earlier release date than the paper variation. We suspect that the MTG Arena Throne of Eldraine release date will be around September 24, which is a little over a week before the full set drops.

Standard Rotation

Perhaps one of the biggest changes coming with Throne of Eldraine is the rotation of previous sets in Standard. Once this new block goes live, several sets will be illegal to use Standard and will be only playable in the new Historic format. The sets that are rotating out of Standard when Throne of Eldraine releases are:

  • Core Set 2019
  • Dominaria
  • Ixalan 
  • Rivals of Ixalan

With this rotation, we expect to see certain decks to completely vanish from the format. Bant Scapeshift will no longer be viable since Scapeshift is in Core Set 2019. My beloved Simic Flash will also suffer since a lot of the core cards come from the previous sets. Esper will still remain a powerful deck despite losing Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Orzhov Vampires will vanish entirely.

For those purchasing packs, we suggest only picking up boosters from Core Set 2020 or the Ravnica Block. These sets will be Standard for a long time and getting a playset of every dual land will be vital going forward. Remember, MTG Arena will remind you if you’re purchasing cards that will be rotated out of Standard.

Throne of Eldraine – Brawl

One of the most exciting inclusions with the Throne of Eldraine set is the arrival of the Brawl format. A singleton format, players construct decks around a commander who is either a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker. Your deck can only be cards of the same color identity and the format will rotate alongside Standard. This means all the cards in Brawl will be playable in Standard, despite some of them designed for this more casual format.

Two of the cards were spoiled in a blog post on the DailyMTG and will be available in special, pre-constructed Brawl decks. Both of them are exceptionally powerful, with Arcane Signet destined to become a staple in every Brawl and Commander deck. Additionally, when Brawl releases it will only support 1v1 matches, but we hope this expands to four-player games. MTG Arena desperately needs a casual, multiplayer format and Brawl could easily fill this niche.


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