MTG Arena Schedule – All July 2019 Events & Costs

It’s just not true Magic: The Gathering without any special events. Draft, Sealed, Pauper, Momir: the list goes on and on. MTG Arena delivers on this important aspect of the Magic experience with its own online formats, too. Although the events are spread throughout the entire year. Which is why we went ahead and made this handy, dandy guide to the full list! This is the full MTG Arena schedule for July 2019.

With the MTG Arena July update, Wizards of the Coast is changing how it handles events when it comes to new sets. This means you should see more things like Sealed, Ranked Draft, and Traditional Draft that utilize the latest set.

Sealed – MTG Arena Event

At least thus far, the only planned Sealed event is for the new Core 2020 set. The good news is that it’ll be available right at launch!

  • Core 2020 Sealed: July 2 to July 26

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Ranked Draft – MTG Arena Event

War of the Spark refuses to go away! Thankfully, Core 2020 will take over towards the end of the month. It’s worth noting that starting in August, Wizards of the Coast will be rotating the Ranked Draft sets more frequently.

  • War of the Spark Ranked Draft: July 5 – 19
  • Core 2020 Ranked Draft: July 19 – August 2

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On the topic of the event schedule, there is something else we’d like to call out. Starting with Core Set 2020, once the current set is available for Ranked Draft, it will remain as a drafting option until the next set is released. This is something we know that players have been asking for, and since we’ve reached the point where we feel like we can support multiple Ranked Draft formats simultaneously, we are more than happy to make this option available. Yes, multiple. While the most recent set will be available, we’re also going to continue to provide a second Ranked Draft event that will continue to rotate every few weeks. Starting in August, the schedule for Ranked Draft will begin to look like this:

Traditional Draft – MTG Arena Event

Again, Traditional Draft has also been updated. Core 2020 will be available until the next set that comes out this fall.

  • Core 2020 Traditional Draft: July 8 – Fall 2019

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Special Events – MTG Arena Event

We have no information on special events for this month, sadly. The official calendar doesn’t show anything just yet and no social media accounts have officially announced anything.

And that’s all that is scheduled for this month! We’ll keep you updated if Wizards of the Coast adds anything to the official schedule. Until then, keep on checking back for more information on MTG Arena as we add it.


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