MTG Arena Nyx Lands Guide – How to Get the New Basic Lands

The next set for MTG Arena is less than a week away and Wizards of the Coast has dropped some new information about what to expect. Along with a plethora of new cards, Theros: Beyond Death is introducing special, full-art Nyx Lands. One of the first cards revealed these Nyx Lands feature gorgeous mana symbols surrounded by Theros’ signature starfield design. Destined to be some of the most popular lands in the game, information is unfortunately limited on how to obtain them.

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How to Get MTG Arena Nyx Lands

Currently, our best guess is that these lands will be sold in the MTG Arena store. Typically, showcase cards are sold for real-world money—especially when a set first releases. On average, these bundles typically cost around $14.99 for a set of five cards. If the Nyx Lands are sold in the store, don’t expect them to be individually available for a long time.

There is a small chance that Nyx Lands are coupled with the upcoming Mastery Pass, which will cost users a minimum of 3,400 gems to unlock. Given how underwhelming this season’s Mastery Pass is, adding the Nyx Lands would be a great incentive for players to care about completing challenges and gaining experience.

Alternatively, the Nyx Lands could be used as a reward incentive to get MTG Arena players to participate in a Theros: Beyond Death event. Previously, we had full-art lands used as a reward during the Plane-Cation event a few months back. This would be a superb way to drive traffic to Theros sealed matches for both new and veteran players.

Make sure to check back with us later this week when more information about the Nyx Lands is revealed.


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