MTG Arena Launch Event Tips, Rewards, Start Date

With MTG Arena’s one year anniversary right around the corner, a new limited-time event has been announced. Revolving around the Standard format, this event is designed to commemorate MTG Arena officially releasing out of beta. Unlike other formats which typically revolve around a silly gimmick or non-traditional format, the Launch Event is all about Standard and letting players experiment. During the event, players will have access to a playset of every card legal in the format which is a first in the game’s history.

Here’s what you need to know about the MTG Arena Launch Event.

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Launch Event Release Date

There will be two chances for you to participate in the MTG Arena Launch Event. The first event will take place on September 26 and run until October 1. Following this event, there will be a second one that starts on October 5 ends on October 7. This gives you a total of eight days to try this format before it’s gone. We don’t expect another one of these events to appear until the next rotation, so if you want to try a bunch of different Standard decks this is your best opportunity.

Launch Event Rules

Thankfully, the rules for the Launch Event are quite simple since it revolves around the Standard format. Players will construct 60 card decks and battle it out across twelve matches. For the first event, you can play up to twelve games regardless if you win or lose. However, the second event will have prizes so if you lose two of the twelve games then you’re out of the event and unable to continue. You only get one attempt!

This is because the top prize for getting twelve wins during the second event is one copy of every Standard-legal card, including Throne of Eldraine. There is no entry fee for this event, so don’t worry if you haven’t been stockpiling Gems and Gold.

Here are all of the prizes available during the October 5-7 Launch Event:

  • 0-1 Wins – 1 Throne of Eldraine Rare ICR (Individual Card Rewards) + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 2-3 Wins – 2 Throne of Eldraine Rare ICRs + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 4-5 Wins – 3 Throne of Eldraine Rare ICRs + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 6-7 Wins – 4 Throne of Eldraine Rare ICRs + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 8 Wins – 5 Throne of Eldraine Rare ICRs + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 9-10 Wins – 1 Sealed Event Token + 5 Throne of Eldraine Rare ICRs + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 11 Wins – 1 Copy of every Throne of Eldraine card + 1 Sealed Event Token + Golden Egg card sleeve
  • 12 Wins – 1 Copy of every Standard card + 1 Sealed Event Token + Golden Egg card sleeve

Launch Event Tips

If you want to claim your free collection cards then we strongly encourage you to study up on the Standard meta. Since Throne of Eldraine will be legal during this event, a lot of popular and potent decks will no longer be viable. Do not expect to see Orzhov Vampires or Bant Scapeshift to make an appearance. Instead, focus on learning and building decks that will mostly survive the arrival of Throne of Eldraine. Boros Feather is a solid choice since only a few components are leaving the format and none of them are critical to the deck’s success.

Esper Control/Tempo will also survive, despite losing Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. The deck got a ton of superb spells during the latest Ravnica block such as Narset, Parter of Veils, Teferi, Time Raveler, Thought Erasure, and Kaya’s Wrath. Additionally, Simic Flash may see a comeback thanks to the upcoming Brazen Borrower, which is a great tempo card. Tribal Knights may also become a force in Standard since there is a ton of support in Throne of Eldraine along with existing cards like Knight of the Ebon Legion.

It will be difficult to accurately predict where the meta settles during the Launch Event. With so many potential decks falling out of favor, we recommend not playing the first day. Instead, observe websites such as MTGGoldfish or our own Monthly Meta picks before constructing your deck. You’ll have a little under three days to win twelve matches so there’s no harm in going slow. If you do lose a match, don’t panic or get tilted, as that’s a surefire way to end up losing your next game.

Finally, we suggest you start familiarizing yourself with all of the Throne of Eldraine cards and mechanics. You should expect to see a bunch of new cards popping up during the event. Understanding what they do and how to best counter them will be critical to your success. Before the second event begins, spend a little time going over the set. The last thing you want is to lose a game because you have no idea what a new card does or how it synergizes with the rest of the Standard sets.