MTG Arena Historic Challenge: Best Decks, Rewards, End Date

Have you been climbing the ranks in the Historic Ranked playlist? Is there a new MTG Arena deck you’ve wanted to test? Well, buckle up fellow Planeswalkers there’s a brand new Historic Challenge on the way and it has terrific prizes. Announced via a blog post, this challenge will put your skills to the test—especially if you are just getting into the Historic format. Due to the competitive nature of Historic, expect this to see a bunch of top tier decks vying for all those sweet, sweet rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Historic Challenge on MTG Arena:

Historic Challenge Release Date

The Historic Challenge will go live on January 11 and run until the 13th. This gives you an incredibly short window to participate, so make sure to carve out some time. Given the steep entry fee for this challenge, you’ll want to make sure to get your money’s worth. After the 13th, you will be unable to join or play matches in the Historic Challenge.

Historic Challenge Price

If you want to join this challenge then be prepared to spend either 10,000 gold coins or 2,000 gems to enter. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the gold then you’ll need to spend $15.00 to participate in the event. Since there is no bundle that offers 2,000 gems we recommend buying one for $4.99 (750 gems) and another for $9.99 (1,600 gems). However, if you do have over 10,000 gold than spend those since that currency is far easier to acquire by simply playing the game.

Historic Challenge Rules

MTG Arena’s Historic Challenge will be a Constructed event with each match being a best-of-three. Players are free to use whatever Historic deck they want and there appears to be no penalty for swapping decks throughout the event. The catch is, you can only have up to three losses before you’re booted from the activity. If that happens, you’ll be unable to participate in the event so make sure to take this challenge seriously. Since this is a best-of-three, you’ll need to put a 15 card sideboard together otherwise you’ll be at a huge disadvantage while climbing the ladder.

Finally, there are four suspended cards you are unable to use in any Historic deck. These cards are Oko, Thief of Crowns, Once Upon a Time, Field of the Dead, and Veil of Summer. While the cards may be playable in the future, don’t expect to see them appear during the Historic Challenge.

Historic Challenge Rewards

Perhaps one of the best prize pools in MTG Arena’s history, the Historic Challenge offers a ton of rewards for those who go the distance. Keep in mind, these prizes will cause a lot of players to take this event seriously, so be prepared for the most degenerate, potent decks in the format. If you prefer more casual Historic games, then don’t expect to last long.

Here are the Historic Challenge rewards:

  • 0 Wins: 4 Historic ICRs (Individual Card Rewards) and a Treasure Hunt Card Sleeve
  • 1 Win: 4 Historic ICRs, Treasure Hunt Card Sleeve, and 1,000 Gold
  • 2 Wins: 4 Historic ICRs, Treasure Hunt Card Sleeve, and 2,000 Gold
  • 3 Wins: 4 Historic ICRs, Treasure Hunt Card Sleeve, and 3,000 Gold
  • 4 Wins: 4 Historic ICRs, Treasure Hunt Card Sleeve, and 4,000 Gold
  • 5 Wins: 8 Historic Boosters, Gaea’s Cradle Card Sleeve, 6,000 Gold, and the Treasure Hunt card
  • 6 Wins: 12 Historic Boosters, Gaea’s Cradle Card Sleeve, 8,000 Gold, and the Treasure Hunt card
  • 7 Wins: 20 Historic Boosters, Gaea’s Cradle Card Sleeve, 10,000 Gold, and the Treasure Hunt card
  • 8 Wins: 40 Historic Boosters, Gaea’s Cradle Card Sleeve, 15,000 Gold, and the Treasure Hunt card

What Decks to Expect

While we have gone more in-depth on the best Historic archetypes, there are a few decks that you should expect going into this event. Two of the most popular decks in Historic are Gruul Aggro and Esper Control, both are dominating the Historic format. The former focuses on deploying a bunch of cheap costing threats that can quickly pressure the board. As for the latter, Esper Control solely seeks to keep the game clear of threats so their planeswalkers can ultimate and win the game.

Mono-Red is also wildly popular given the vast collection of superb red cards in Historic. This can be a great pick if you’re new to Historic since the deck is fairly simple to pilot and win with. Unfortunately, control is very much the dominating archetype. This makes aggro quite difficult if you try to use a deck outside of Gruul or Mono-Red. If you’re going to join this event make sure you have a plan and sideboard cards for some of these decks!