MTG Arena Fall Rotation Guide – What Sets Are Rotating?

Magic: The Gathering’s newest set – Throne of Eldraine – is less than two months away. Focusing on classic fairy tales, the introduction of this new block means several sets will be rotating out of the Standard format. This shift will have drastic changes on the meta, especially since so many decks rely on cards from Dominaria and Ixalan. Given so many cards and decks are about to be rendered useless, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the MTG Arena fall rotation.

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What’s Leaving?

When Throne of Eldraine releases sometime in late September/early October, the following four sets will no longer be Standard legal.

  • Core Set 2019
  • Dominaria
  • Ixalan 
  • Rivals of Ixalan

Once these sets leave, you will be unable to use them in any Standard format, but they will remain in your collection. These cards can be used in the upcoming Historic format, which lets you battle it out with cards regardless of their legality. With this change, you will see a ton of decks get substantially weaker or vanish entirely. Because of this, we expect some drastic shifts in the meta to come this fall.

Deck and Meta Changes

Speaking of the meta, when Throne of Eldraine releases many top tier decks will take a huge hit. Both Orzhov Vampires and Jund Dinosaurs will lose many key creatures once Ixalan rotates out. Bant Scapeshift won’t have access to Scapeshift which is perhaps the most important card in the entire deck. Mono-Red’s two best one-mana creatures – Fanatical Firebrand and Ghitu Lavamancer – will vanish, drastically weakening the deck’s ability to deliver early game pressure.

Bant Ramp/Midrange should rise in popularity since only a small number of cards will need to be swapped out. With Hydroid Krasis still legal, we expect its popularity to rise even more following Throne of Eldraine. The same goes for Grixis Control, who will remain largely untouched with the exception of Nicol Bolas, The Ravager. Of course, we cannot predict where the meta will shift since the upcoming set could have a dramatic impact on Standard. However, it’s clear that the light is fading for many of these Standard decks.

What to Buy

But with all these fun, unique decks vanishing into thin air what should I spend my hard-earned Wild Cards on? For those who have an abundance of Wild Cards burning a hole in their deck box, we suggest picking up a playset of every Ravnica “Shock Land.” These dual colored lands will remain in Standard for a fair amount of time, so obtaining a playset of all ten is essential. A strong mana base makes up the foundation of any good deck, as it makes mulligans easier and any multi-color deck far more consistent.

If you already have a ton of Shock Lands then we suggest not spending any of your Wild Cards. The current Standard meta will not last more than a month, so unlocking cards you might not need is a waste. This is especially true if you’re new to MTG Arena and don’t have a substantial collection yet. Outside of obtaining dual lands, waiting to see what decks and cards rise in prominence is the best method.


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