Monster Hunter: World Poogie Guide – Poogie Rewards

While walking around Astera, you may notice a small pig waddling through the Trading Area of the town. This adorable little piglet is Poogie, and you can interact with him for various rewards.

The Monster Hunter: World Poogie guide will introduce you to the little guy, teach how to get the little guy to like you, and tell you what you can get for earning Poogie’s affection.

Who is Poogie?

Poogie is one of the series mascots of Monster Hunter. The little piglet has been in every game to date and is beloved by veteran hunters. Usually Poogie is a pet that hangs out in your home, but in Monster Hunter: World he gets free rein of the town.

How Do I Make Poogie Like Me?

So you’ve found Poogie, tried to show the little guy some affection, but then he headbutts you and runs off. What gives? Why does this adorable little piglet hate you so much?

Well, petting Poogie is not a simple process in Monster Hunter: World. Oh no, you cannot simply give the little guy a pat on the head and be done with it. Much like cooking a good steak, you need to listen to the musical cues in the background and pet Poogie at just the right moment.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of the mini-game, and be able to get Poogie to dance around. This signals the successful completion of the mini-game, and you’ll raise Poogie’s affection with you! You can only do the mini-game once in between quests, so it might take a while to build up Poogie’s affection, but you’ll get there.

But you might be wondering, why bother? Is there some sort of reward for getting the pig to like you? Well, if you’re a cold soul that doesn’t care about cute things liking you, there are indeed some benefits to going out of your way and giving Poogie some love.

Getting Items and Costumes for Poogie

There’s another option you can choose when you interact with Poogie. You can also pick the piglet up and carry him around Astera. Besides being super adorable, carrying Poogie around will enable him to find helpful items for you.

If you’re walking around with Poogie in your arms, there will be times when he starts wriggling around. Put him down, and the piglet will root around the area and find items. Granted, Poogie is only going to find items when he likes you — the little guy isn’t going to waste the effort on someone he doesn’t care for!

You can only have Poogie find one item per assignment. Once you grab an item, go out on a hunt and Poogie will be ready to search again when you return.

On top of items, you can also find new costumes for Poogie to wear hidden around Astera. Here are the locations of these items:

  • Apprentice Fiver: Take Poogie near the Huntsman, in the meeting/conference area.
  • White Jammies: Near the Ecological Research area, there’s a large fossil. Drop Poogie off there.
  • Hog in a Frog: Head over to the harvesting area, and Poogie will find this outfit under a lamp, near the baskets.
  • Emperor’s New Duds: This outfit won’t be available to find until after you finish the main story. Once that’s complete, you’re going to have to carry Poogie quite a ways. To grab this outfit, you need to had to the Observation Tower, which is beyond the Workshop area.

Poogie will also get outfits for special occasions. For example, the Appreciation Fest lets Poogie dress up in festive duds. Also, if you defeat Behemoth and finish that questline, you can make Poogie look like a miniature Final Fantasy beast. So cute!


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