Monster Hunter: World Appreciation Fest Guide – Dates, Gear, & More

Happy anniversary, Monster Hunter: World! Capcom is celebrating the anniversary of one of its best selling games ever with a whole month of fun events and new gear to collect.

We’ll make sure you experience it all! Read on below to learn all about the Monster Hunter: World Appreciation Fest.

When Does the Monster Hunter: World Appreciation Fest Start and End?

The Appreciation Fest starts on January 26th, 00:00 UTC. If you’re in the US, that’s Jan. 25, 19:00 EST and 16:00 PST. The event runs for almost an entire month, until Feb. 22, 00:00 UTC.

The first week of the Appreciation Fest will let you try out the first new event assignment, The Greatest Jagras. The remainder of the event has another new assignment — My Name is Lavasioth.

Monster Hunter Appreciation Fest

What Kind of Gear and Other Goodies Can I Get?

The Monster Hunter: World Appreciation Fest will net you a bunch of new items and gear. Given the length of the event, it should be easy to get everything!

First and foremost, you’ll obtain a new guild card background and some new poses to try out. There will also be new titles, so get ready to make your card unique. Poogie will also get an adorable new outfit (naturally).

Every day you log in for the Appreciation Fest, you’ll also get “Appreciation Tickets.” You can turn these in for items or use them to craft new weapons or gear.

The Appreciation Fest’s rewards let you forge a new weapon: the White Wind Lance. This Lance has a chance of putting your target to sleep, and with the ability to upgrade it to Rarity 7, it’s even a viable endgame weapon.

The Gala Armor is the new armor set for the Appreciation Fest. The set is only Rarity 7, so it has decent stats and offers at least a little resistance to every element. The set bonus, Astera Blessing Level 5, increases the rewards you get for a successful hunt. It’s great if you’re grinding items! And… Well, it’s Monster Hunter. You’ll definitely be grinding items. But if you just want the look of the Gala Set, you can also create a Layered version (which changes your appearance, but lets you keep other armor’s stats).

Finally, you can make the Star Set for your Palico to make your furry friend look like a disco star. The armor piece offers the same elemental resistances as the Gala Armor and the Mic Stand weapon does blunt Thunder damage.

Monster Hunter Appreciation Fest

The Special Assignments for the Appreciation Fest

Capcom has some truly unique events for this momentous occasion. Like any other Fest, most of the previous events (and all their unique rewards) will be available. Pro-tip: Grab the Red Orbs needed for Dante’s armor. It’s a versatile set and the pieces are quite fashionable!

But for the Appreciation Fest, there is also exciting new content to delve into. But be forewarned, while the Fest lasts a whole month, these quests do not! So make sure to give them a try while they’re still available. Otherwise you may need to wait a while before you can try them again.

Monster Hunter Appreciation Fest

The Greatest Jagras

The Great Jagras, the de facto weakest beast in Monster Hunter: World, is sick of getting beat up! This nine-star quest is this most-hunted monster’s ultimate revenge against hunters.

Available from Jan. 25 to Feb. 7, you can take on this event quest. It’s sure to be a challenge — which is why you need to be at least Hunter Rank 50 to sign up. This is not an easy battle, even by those standards, so come prepared! The Great Jagras is absolutely huge and can one- or two-shot even high-level players. Try to play with friends, use traps, and the Temporal Mantle to tackle it.

However, the materials this gigantic Great Jagras drops are all rare and highly sought after gems. If you’re looking to stock up, now is your chance. And be sure to check the ground after it pukes! It’s a powerful ranged attack, but it also drops tons of Feystones used to craft Decorations.

My Name is Lavasioth

Lavasioth, on the other hand, is feeling a bit lonely. The least-hunted monster is available to fight in this nine-star quest!

From Feb. 8 to Feb. 22, you can go and fight the Lavasioth in the Ancient Forest. This isn’t the monster’s normal territory, by any stretch, so it might make it easier to take down! At the very least you won’t need to swig any Cool Drinks. Then again, this is a Hunter Rank 50 event, so this Lavasioth is still going to have some tricks up its sleeve.