Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Tacky Photo – Garangolm Picture Guide

You actually want to take a tacky photo of Garangolm arms in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. On purpose!

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, taking a picture of goopy Garangolm arms for the “Tacky Photo” request can be quite frustrating. It’s one of the earliest (and most useful) side quests in the expansion. Yet it isn’t super well-explained. Not to mention that, even if you know what to do, the execution is difficult. The reward is worth it, though, since it gives you some extra Great Wirebugs. That’s what this guide is here to help you retrieve! Let’s take a look at how to properly take a pic of Garangolm for “Tacky Photo” in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

When to Photograph Garangolm for Tacky Photo

Let’s get the important bit out of the way first. The wording on the “Tacky Photo” request is somewhat misleading (or at least not very clear). Fran the Stalwart mentions that you need to “get a shot of Garangolm stickin’ something on its arm!” The tense is the important thing here and the part of the quest that will most likely trip up players. You need to catch a Garangolm in the act — not just with something sticky on its arm, but while it’s actually doing the sticking. This means when it charges up its arms.

This is… tricky, to say the least. Hostile monsters don’t exactly stand still in Monster Hunter Rise (or any other game in the series for that matter). The window for catching this specific shot is also extremely narrow. At least in my experience, it mostly seems to count when a Garangolm covers its left arm with goop. This is the whammer that deals water damage (as opposed to fire and blast damage from its magma-fied right arm). Possibly because magma doesn’t count as “tacky” like mud and moss.

Or maybe I just got unlucky with the timing… Either way, I only succeeded when taking a photo of the left arm. Which is actually somewhat easier to photograph anyway since the left arm always comes second in the animation. This way you can always tell it’s coming.

Tacky Photo Tips – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Luckily, you should have multiple opportunities to take the photo per hunt. Garangolm will attempt to charge up its arms early in every fight — typically after it becomes enraged for the first time. You can tell it’s happening by the way it slams its right fist into the earth. After which it will pull its forearm out (now covered in molten rock). Shortly after this, it will stick its left arm into the dirt, pulling up mud, which you can quickly snap with your in-game camera.

From this point on you can break off the magma and moss by hitting Garangolm in the arms. This will eventually cause the elemental armor to explode, stunning the monster in the process. That’s good. If you don’t get the shot the first time, just continue fighting normally until the beast tries to goop its arms again. This usually happens at least three times per fight. Each of which is a new opportunity to try again.

There are a couple tips you can use to prepare, too. The simplest is to just select the “Camera” from your D-pad menu before the fight. It works exactly the same in hunts as it does in towns like Elgado, such as when you’re hunting for those three Cohoots.

By default, your readied quick action is set to “none” at the start of a fight. By pressing left or right on the D-pad, you can select the camera first, leaving the device just one more button press away mid-battle. You only need to hit up or down on the D-pad once the camera is selected to enter photo mode. This can be done at almost any time: while riding your Palamute, with your weapon drawn, etc. Just be ready to hit that button!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tacky Photo

Another useful trick is to zoom all the way out. You can also do this at the beginning of any hunt, before you actually engage in combat. The zoom will remain at whatever setting you choose the next time you open the camera menu! Do it before engaging the Garangolm (not just before it revs up its arms) to save yourself precious seconds.

Zooming out like this widens your field of view. That means, when you do take a picture, you capture a much larger area per photo. This increases your odds of taking the proper picture of Garangolm while it’s in the act. You don’t need a well-framed image, after all. You just need the appropriate moment in the shot.

Last but not least: spam. There’s no penalty for taking bad photos. You should point and start pressing the action button (X, A, or B button on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo controller respectively) as soon as you see Garangolm begin its power-up animation. This increases the odds of getting what Monster Hunter Rise wants by simply casting a wider net. The more photos you take in quick succession, the more likely it is that one of them will include the image you need.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tacky Photo Garangolm Arms
This is the shot that worked for me. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

The game will also tell you when you get the proper pic. An orange icon on the right-hand side of the screen will inform you that the “Tacky Photo” request has been completed. After that, just wrap up the battle normally! And, you know, try not to cart.

Speaking of battles, Garangolm can be found in a number of different missions. The easiest is the first: “Garangolm Gone Mad.” This is the Urgent Quest that kicks off Master Rank 3 in the Sunbreak campaign. It’s also a battle where you only need to fight one monsters — whereas other hunts include extra beasties or more than one of the same. You might as well just do this one since it’s faster, simpler, and available very early.

Oh, and go by yourself. Running in via multiplayer will create a much busier visual experience. Fellow players might get in your way, batter you about, or stun Garangolm with traps and attacks while it’s trying to work. Playing solo simply makes things easier.

And that’s it for the “Tacky Photo” request in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak! We wish you the best of luck taking a picture of Garangolm’s arms in whichever quest you do choose. Your reward will be a new stack of Great Wirebug buddies to place throughout the new maps. Just remember these tips and it should hopefully be easy (or at least easier than before)!