Monster Hunter Rise Best Longsword – Weapon Tier List (May 2021)

Back and forth goes the Longsword (and your friends, if they don't have Flinch Free).

Monster Hunter Rise players aren’t starved for choice when it comes to the best Longsword in the game. The katana is a perennial favorite among the average players. Plus its damage capabilities are nothing to sneeze at. When playing solo, or if a friend already brings the noise with a Hunting Horn, it’s fine to forgo utility and take this anime calamity into battle. So let’s take a look at which weapons are best for the Longsword user in your group!

One thing to note: Longswords are pretty damn strong in Monster Hunter these days. As such, it’s less about one choice being better than the other in all situations, and more about knowing which gives you the best advantage monster-to-monster. So I’m starting with the de facto best raw weapon in the game at launch. The rest of these choices will include elementally charged options for foes specifically weak to those damage types. Now let’s look them over!

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1. Chameleos Finsword I

This Chameleos blade is an odd duck. It doesn’t come with any Poison damage to speak of, despite every other weapon in this category using the monster’s signature status effect. Maybe the upcoming upgrade will include some! Either way, this weapon is slick (and not just because it has a cool invisibility effect). Its high raw damage is met with a touch of positive Affinity. You can then use the attack Ramp-Up to further close the gap with Tigrex, or grab the very fun Chameleos Soul. The latter skill isn’t as effective in dealing damage. Yet it adds some interesting utility (like free heals) instead. Finally, the plethora of decoration slots make this weapon easy to build around. Longswords are currently very dependent on Talismans (i.e. luck) to get everything they need. The slots mitigate that a lot.

2. Tigrine Need

In lieu of slots, you get a heaping helping of raw damage on this Tigrex Longsword. It actually has the highest maximum potential damage right now. Though it’s fussy about maintaining sharpness and once again relies on Talismans with the proper skills to build into the meta monster people would like. Not to mention buffs like Rousing Roar (from the Attack type Palico) and other Affinity add-ons are required to get that paper damage off the page.

Yes, it does a lot of damage. The average player will probably want the more versatile, comfortable weapon that does nearly as much damage instead. That’s the Chameleos Finsword I at the moment. Not to mention the Elder Dragon’s option will upgrade at least one more time — likely in the next update.

3. Deepest Night

Speaking of “comfort,” there’s next to nothing wrong with a Nargacuga variant. It’s got decent raw damage on paper that is further enhanced by white sharpness. Its absurd Affinity and a Level 2 decoration slot further join the fun. A weapon archetype that hits quickly and consistently really benefits from all that critical hit chance — particularly now that Master’s Touch is on the menu in Monster Hunter Rise. Naturally, that makes the slot on your sword very valuable as well. This really isn’t a complicated weapon.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Longsword in Monster Hunter Rise for you! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!