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Monster Hunter Rise Best Insect Glaive – Tier List Guide (May 2021)

Fly like an eagle (or a bat... bird... thing) with the best MH Rise IG options.

The best Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise is a pretty clear-cut choice. We’ve got a look at that ultimate acrobatic weapon and a few alternatives. Unfortunately, even after the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update, there isn’t a ton of variety for Insect Glaive users. But a handful of new armor sets and decorations make what worked before much, much better! So get ready for some build tips as well as we look into the best IG in Monster Hunter Rise for the time being.

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1. Evening Calm – The Best Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise

You can’t go wrong with most Nargacuga weapons at this time. It’s simply a showstopper on the Insect Glaive because of how the weapon chews through sharpness. The addition of Master’s Touch on Teostra armor and as a decoration makes keeping sharpness easier than ever before — but only with a high critical hit chance. The Nargacuga Insect Glaive, Evening Calm, provides 40 percent Affinity by default. Plus it has a Level 2 slot for Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, or many other skills you might want. Its Kinsect Level is also the second highest in the game at this time, increasing the power of those buggy little buddies. Combine that with an Assist Kinsect for some great support damage.

What about that low raw damage, though? Well, it can be quite deceptive. Evening Calm is on the higher end of Nargacuga weapons to start. Then you factor in that aforementioned white sharpness. All levels of sharpness, marked by their colors, come with a hidden damage buff for as long as you can maintain them. Blue does more than green; white does more than blue. White is actually a significant jump above blue at the moment. Add a very high critical hit chance and you’ve got a weapon that hits harder than it appears on paper.

2. Tigerclaw Glaive – MH Rise Best IG Tier List

This Tigrex weapon loses to Nargacuga on Affinity, decoration slots, and Kinsect power. Though it wins out by a lot in raw damage while maintaining some lovely white sharpness. This makes it the best choice with a specific setup. Teammates with Affinity buffs (e.g. Hunting Horns, Bows, and Fighter type Palicoes with Rousing Roar) balance out the worst issue. If you can count on those buffs, you can also count on Master’s Touch. The end result is more powerful than Evening Calm. If you can’t count on those, using Razor Sharp instead will still keep you pretty close to the Nargacuga IG.

3. Elemental Insect Glaives – MH Rise Best IG Tier List

To be clear: Nearly any Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive is perfectly viable. That includes elemental types. But since so much of this weapon’s utility comes from its Kinsect, rather than the IG itself, damage is pretty indisputably king here (for once). The elemental Bnahabra glaives, for instance, look interesting at first glace. They also reach white sharpness with Handicraft and have about the same raw damage as Evening Calm. Then there are those juicy Level 3 decoration slots and the Silkbind Boost skill to supercharge your Diving Wyvern.

These are all totally viable! Affinity is the issue. Each IG comes with so little — none, in fact — that you need to spend those decoration slots just reaching white sharpness and trying to maintain it with Razor Sharp, Protective Polish, or Razor Sharp if you can get the criticals high enough. The same is true of the Khezu Insect Glaive, only for Thunder damage. For now you’re simply better off with the comfy, raw weapons instead.

Bonus: The Best Kinsect in Monster Hunter World

I currently give the nod to Carnage Beetle. This Assist Kinsect can take some getting used to — especially if you only know the speed demons from Monster Hunter World. It’s slow, but hits hard with blunt damage. Not to mention they add extra damage on certain melee combos when you have all three extracts at once. The real stinger, however, is how they interact with the monster. Carnage Beetle and Monarch Alucanid always take two extracts on a single hit. Not matter where that hit may land. Specifically, they will always take that vitally important red extract. That’s huge since no IG player should ever be without red extract for long. The extra “assist” damage, meanwhile, is a nice bonus, and the blunt option gives you some stun power on an otherwise slash-y weapon.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!

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