Monster Hunter Rise Best Hunting Horn – Weapon Tier List (April 2021)

The Hunting Horn underwent massive changes in Monster Hunter Rise; the best of them really show the difference.

Monster Hunter Rise comes with many new weapons — some of the best of which are the revamped Hunting Horns. These so-called “support weapons” have always been much better at frontline combat than new players usually expect. Now they’re better than ever and completely different in how they play. Even so, you probably want to know the best Hunting Horns in Monster Hunter Rise before you make an investment. That’s why we’ve put together this list!

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1. Rampage Agitato IV

In theory, Rampage weapons start off weak while allowing players to tweak them to perfection. A bit like the endgame Safi’Jiva weapons from Monster Hunter World. The issue at launch is that — even fully customized — many Rampage weapons don’t offer much oomph. That’s not true of the Hunting Horn. The special weapon type benefits immensely from custom songs. Not to mention this one has great stats on its own.

In its most evolved form, the Rampage Agitato IV, this Hunting Horn reaches a more than respectable 200 raw damage. Assuming you add the Non-elemental Boost Rampage Skill. You can then increase its durability with either Sharpness Type I or Sharpness Type II. The former retains the horn’s blue sharpness while extending the overall durability of the weapon. The latter trades the blue for a less potent, but much longer-lasting bar of green sharpness. Which can combo with the Bludgeoner skill for up to 10 percent extra damage.

Then you get to pick one of four different powerful melody sets. Of these, only Resilient Melody II feels a bit weak. Stun Resistance is nice, but there are already so many recovery and mobility options in Monster Hunter Rise already. Healing Melody II has gotten the nod from many players as being incredibly “comfy.” The reason being that Health Recovery songs are more potent in Rise than past Monster Hunter games. They can now play automatically as you attack (just like all songs now), providing passive healing as you attack and without requiring lengthy performance animations. Combine it with the Bead of Resonance Switch Skill to make your allies effectively immortal.

This build even requires very, very little farming. You’ll need to hit HR 7 to unlock all the Apex monsters necessary to upgrade it. But all of these can be found in the Rampage: a much easier experience than farming monsters in the wild. And once the setup is complete, you’ll have yourself arguably the best Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise.

2. Amphibia Allargando

Let’s say you don’t want to engage with the Rampage, though. There are plenty of other good options that fill different niches in Monster Hunter Rise. Like this Tetranadon Hunting Horn.

This may seem like a worse raw weapon than the Diablos or Bullfango options at first glance. It deals slightly less damage (210 versus 230). And its smidgen of water attack doesn’t move the needle, since so many monsters are resistant or immune to the damage anyway. But this is a Hunting Horn. Take into account the Attack Up song, which the other raw Hunting Horns lack. The skill stacks with both Infernal Melody and Bludgeoner. The latter of which works great on a weapon with such a big chunk of green sharpness. As does the Dulling Strike Rampage Skill, which this weapon can sport in place of increased water damage.

Not to mention Bludgeoner is a Level 2 skill. Amphibia Allagando sports one Level 2 decoration slot for you to work it into the build. The Bullfango and Diablos horns have none. Or you could use that slot for an Expert Jewel, further enhancing the Affinity of the weapon. It starts with zero — still higher than the negative Affinity on both 230 raw options. And if you do want more water power, elemental decorations are still Level 1 skills. That makes them much easier to include on builds than the once ubiquitous Critical Eye and Attack Boost.

Non-elemental Boost no longer rules the roost in Monster Hunter Rise. The ability is now a flat damage buff rather than percentage-based. It’s also a conditional Rampage Skill, rather than a simple decoration. More flexibility from weapons like the Amphibia Allargando can easily outshine the simplicity of bigger numbers.

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3. Sublime Bell II

Melee Rakna-Kadaki weapons are weak, versatile, and easy to construct. They don’t require a single rare drop (e.g. a Magna Purple Orb) to fully upgrade. They also come with a touch of white sharpness that can be extended with Razor Sharp, Handicraft, or Protective Polish. The songs and raw damage on this one mean you’ll really only want it against enemies particularly weak to fire. You can supplement that with elemental damage decorations in the two Level 1 slots this weapon brings to bear. And you’ll still have 30 percent Affinity and a Level 2 slot for boosting raw damage. It might be hard for some players to overlook that low raw, though.

4. Hidden Harmonic II

A raw alternative to the Sublime Bell, this Nargacuga Hunting Horn has better sharpness by default but no wiggle room for Handicraft. It makes up for it with a whopping 40 percent Affinity and better raw damage. Attack Up and Affinity Up songs also shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Both stats are harder to come by with the decoration changes made to Monster Hunter Rise (i.e. the bump Attack Boost and Critical Eye underwent from Level 1 to Level 2 jewels). There’s a good chance your allies will appreciate the extra damage output. Maximum Might (which grants up to an extra 30 percent Affinity if you keep your stamina full) also pairs well with the Stamina Recovery Up melody. Not to mention your Dual Blades, Insect Glaive, and Bow using friends will love you for it.

5. Sinister Shadestrum

If you really want to get fancy, the Magnamalo Hunting Horn has some great stats and slots. Its signature Magnamalo Soul skill also provides a sizable attack buff when you’re afflicted with Hellfireblight. This is easy to proc with Magnamalo armor and its Hellfire Cloak ability. The ability will automatically cover you in the purple haze whenever a monster becomes enraged. At level four, the hellfire will continue to appear every few seconds — up to one minute after any monster calms down. This allows you to create floating mines for your foes to bash into, too. You just need to zip around with the Wirebug while coated in hellfire. The first time a monster hits the residual flame will cause guaranteed knockdown each hunt. Combine this with the Resuscitate skill for an even bigger burst of damage. Finally, Sinister Shadestrum has room for Handicraft — which the Magnamalo set also includes in decent quantities.

The real issue here is build complexity. The aforementioned Magna Purple Orb has a three percent chance to drop at best when fighting Magnamalo. It can take dozens of hunts to get just the one needed to finish this horn. Then you’ll likely want a second to craft the Magnamalo gauntlets required to max out Hellfire Cloak. Even when that’s all said and done, there’s no such thing as a Resuscitate Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise at launch. You’ll need tremendous luck with Talisman melding (and let’s not forget orb farming) to make the absolute most out of this build. Future updates might make this less of a concern. And this is one incredibly fun concept when it comes together!

Hopefully this helped you on your way to finding the best Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise for you! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!


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