Monster Hunter Rise Best Greatsword – Weapon Tier List (May 2021)

Wow, that's a great sword!

The best Greatsword in Monster Hunter Rise changes with the tide (or at least each Title Update). So it’s good to keep track of where to start and what to use! Most options are totally viable in this fast-paced, acrobatic new entry in the series. But some places are always better to start than others. That’s why we’ve collected our picks for the best Greatswords in Monster Hunter Rise, with in-depth explanations of each. It’s time to hone your blade and slowly bring the pain with our latest guide!

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1. Dark of Night

Another weapon tier list, another Nargacuga variant. As usual there’s very little to say about this Greatsword. Nargacuga weapons have decent raw damage and stellar Affinity. The sharpness is pretty good, but can’t be raised using Handicraft. Thanks to Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 (the first major update to the game), however, you can fully exploit Master’s Touch. This once ubiquitous skill was nerfed down from its Monster Hunter World version. But it still combos perfectly with Nargacuga weapons. Master Rider is also an interesting, useful Ramp-Up skill with a little bit of setup.

2. Grand Shamshir I

The Poison damage on this weapon is ironically delicious. Though it won’t help you against foes completely immune to the status ailment. Even without that, you get okay raw damage and fantastic decoration slots with more-than-fine sharpness. Then there’s Chameleos Soul: a Ramp-Up skill that may be an acquired taste. The attack will grant you bonus damage, stamina regeneration, a quick heal, or defense pretty frequently as you attack a monster. Though it’s on a one-minute cooldown between buffs.

3. Sinister Shadowblade

Another effective, non-elemental weapon is the Magnamalo variant. This one complements above-average raw damage with some Blast. It winds up lower on this list as a general use item because of the setup required to use it. For the maximum benefit, you likely want a nearly-full set of Magnamalo armor. That will grant you Hellfire Cloak and some Handicraft. These pair well with Magnamalo weapons — particularly if you’re using Magnamalo Soul, which boosts your damage when you’re covered in Hellfireblight. This is also easier to acquire than ever since Hellfire Cloak can be added with decorations as of Monster Hunter Rise 2.0. Otherwise you’ll need two Purple Magna Orbs to really get the most out of this build, which can be a pain to farm.

4. Rathalos Firesword

Unlike some Fire weapon comparisons, this Rathalos Greatsword barely loses out in raw damage compared to the Anjanath option. Plus it has better sharpness, elemental attack, and Affinity. You do drop a Level 3 decoration for a Level 1, but that’s hardly the end of the world.

Now throw in Element Exploit. That’s a unique Ramp-Up ability that boosts damage against monsters particularly weak to whatever elemental damage you’re dealing. As long as you hit them in the proper places, that is. It’s a bit like Critical Element from MHW. Only you don’t need to crit. And since it’s a percentage boost, the ability only gets better as you lean into elemental damage. This is often easier to achieve than many critical hit skills; Critical Eye is now a Level 2 decoration skill while elemental skills require Level 1 slots instead.

5. Freezer Speartuna

This weapon is highly situational, but worth mentioning for its comically powerful Ice damage. The Greatsword is easy to make and tops out at a whopping 70 elemental damage.  Since this weapon has such low raw attack, you might as well lean into it.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Greatsword in Monster Hunter Rise for you! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!


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