Monster Hunter Rise Best Dual Blades – Weapon Tier List (May 2021)

The best Dual Blades in MH Rise aren't so easy to pick... unless you look at the elements.

The best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise isn’t something you can just decide. As in past games, these fast-acting filet knives are elemental powerhouses. Meaning you probably want one set for every situation. That’s okay, though, since there are plenty to choose from in this category! So let’s take a look at the best Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades across all types of damage (plus some tips on how to kit yourself out for them).

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As a point of order for builds, Dual Blades absolutely eat through sharpness, so some sort of protection is required. That can literally just be Protective Polish: a skill which eliminates sharpness loss for a limited time. Whetfish and Great Whetfish are also big helps (if you don’t mind farming for them). High Affinity builds can instead use Master’s Touch (which eliminates sharpness loss on crits 80 percent of the time). Otherwise Razor Sharp is great! It cancels sharpness loss 50 percent of the time at max level. Obviously that’s lower than Master’s Touch, but it doesn’t need a critical hit.

Whichever route you take, Handicraft is often a powerful next step. Higher levels, or colors, of sharpness come with a hidden damage buff to all hits. A blue weapon does more than a green one, for instance, while a white one does more than blue. Sealing that sharpness with Protective Polish or something similar is hugely valuable to damage output.

1. Wyvern Lovers & Gnashing Flammenschild – The Best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise

Here we have the two, big Fire DB choices. Both have strong, blue sharpness that can take advantage of Master’s Touch and Handicraft. That’s doubly true since the Teostra armor set bonus adds even more Fire damage to weapons. Otherwise Gnashing Flammenschild comes with the usual Anjanath stats: negative Affinity, high raw, and mediocre elemental damage. It makes up for its shortcomings with two decoration slots and as such should probably become your go-to Fire Dual Blades. The Rathian and Rathalos option, Wyvern Lovers, mostly shines against targets with a 25 Fire weakness. That’s because the Ramp-Up skill Element Exploit is so damn powerful… but only against monsters with that rare level of weak point.

2. Despot’s Blitz – MH Rise Dual Blades Tier List

The Zinogre Dual Blades are a helluva lot like Wyvern Lovers. Only they do Thunder damage and lose Element Exploit. However, they’re a great example of when you want to use Protective Polish over other sharpness protection. Three levels of Handicraft will net you the tiniest bit of white sharpness. This is a huge, passive damage boost without any conditions (unlike Element Exploit). The tiny sliver of white just won’t last long… unless you use Protective Polish. Plus you get a Level 2 decoration slot for the extra effort.

3. Mud Twister – MH Rise Dual Blades Tier List

The Almudron Dual Blades really lean into their element. They also look cool as hell. Starting with just 170 raw damage, they get a whopping 29 Water damage right out of the gate, alongside two decoration slots to fit more Affinity and Water Attack, if you so choose. Water Boost II is your more common Ramp-Up, but you can also take Element Exploit if you’re going to fight something with a Water weak point of 25 or higher.

4. Gelid Soul – MH Rise Dual Blades Tier List

For your top Ice Dual Blades, you’ve once again got some choice. Gelid Soul gives more bang for your buck in terms of Ice damage, raw damage, gem slots, and even Ramp-Ups with that Ice Boost III. Mountain Blizzarioths, the Barioth Dual Blades, falls behind in almost every comparison. Gelid Soul is just a bit fiddly. You get a sliver of blue sharpness with one level of Handicraft, which locks you into a Protective Polish build and needing to monitor your buff. That’s hardly a deal-breaker, though, when the all-around stats are so good. Not to mention the Dual Blades themselves can host a Handicraft jewel. Just keep the Mountain Blizzarioths in mind if you’re not down for the build style.

5. Fortis Gran – MH Rise Dual Blades Tier List

Sharpness once again wins the day on my choice for Dragon Dual Blades. The aforementioned, fiddly Protective Polish build is worth it for the buff you see on white sharpness over blue or green, putting it neatly about the Ro Waga from the Aelucanth Tree. Fortis Gran also has better Dragon damage and Affinity compared to its counterpart. Though both of them come with the Dragon Exploit Ramp-Up. This skill appears to actually be a mistranslation. According to members of the community, it should read something like “Wyvern Exploit,” as it buffs your damage to all types of Wyverns. That only excludes Beasts (e.g. Rajang) and, ironically, Elder Dragons.

Hopefully this helped you on your way to the best Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise for each element! We’ll be sure to update this guide as new monsters and weapons appear. Until then, happy hunting!