MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Guide – Level Up Fast, XP Glitched

The introduction of the Xbox player base to MLB The Show 21 has been an interesting one. More than ever Diamond Dynasty is integrated into nearly every aspect of the game in 2021’s installment. Unfortunately, Road to the Show is no exception. Players are complaining of incredibly slow progression, the lack of an ability to create more than one player, and far too much reliance on Diamond Dynasty cards to upgrade their character. In this guide, we’ll explain all of the current issues with Road to the Show and provide some tips to help mitigate the current issues.

Road to the Show XP Glitched, Level Up Fast

While San Diego Studio has confirmed that it’s making changes to Road to the Show specifically for players who exclusively play that mode, they aren’t live just yet. All we know right now is players “aren’t getting enough progress” from both training and play time. As it stands, the RTTS has an overreliance on Diamond Dynasty thanks to skills being tied to equipment, perks, and other cards. A lot of players are also complaining about how long things take. Even batting .500 it’ll still take you at least 50-100 games to get called up to the AAA, let alone the majors. Unless you’re opening packs or purchasing cards, it’ll likely take you a few seasons to even crest an overall rank of 60.

For now, focus your efforts on archetype missions as it’s the only method of gaining XP and progression fast enough.

How to Make Multiple Players in RTTS

With the introduction of the Ballplayer feature, you can no longer have multiple Road to the Show characters. Instead you have one character that is persistent across both RTTS and Diamond Dynasty. While you can still start a new save so you can play a different position, your character’s appearance and name is still locked.

Road to the Show Tips

To recap here are a few tips pulled from the above sections, plus a few more.

  • Your player currently gains very little progress towards their skills simply by playing. You need to use Diamond Dynasty cards for the fastest initial gain.
  • How to Level Up Fastest Right Now: The long term way to level up is to complete missions for your archetype though these can be very difficult given the slow increase in Overall rank.
  • You either hand pick the team you play for or are automatically assigned one via the draft.
  • This draft is not shown, instead you get a phone call from one of the teams.
  • You will define your position during your first few weeks as you play. Eventually the team will decide where to stick you.
  • It is no longer possible to create Knuckleballers.

Have tips that you want to share with other players? Leave them in the comments below! We’ll be sure to update this guide whenever San Diego Studio makes changes to the game mode. One thing that won’t be changing, however, is how how Road to the Show is required to progress your Ballplayer. While you can use them in Diamond Dynasty it is not possible to maximize them exclusively in that game mode.


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  1. I waited so many years for them to put a two-way player into the game and now that they finally have they break the game at the same time, making the grind completely insane. It’s such a shame. I’m probably going back to MLB 20 and just playing two characters.

  2. Please put all major league players in the game: Pete Rose, Mark Mcgwire, Sammy Sosa, Arod, Jeter, BARRY BONDS ect. We wnt to use them

    1. They cant, it’s licensing. For instances, Barry Bonds has rejected MLB to use his name for monetary gain

    2. Most of them are cheaters, and they should not be featured. If you want to use them, download them from the Vault.

    3. Why would anyone want to play as bonds…. dude cheated 80% of his career and is an absolute joke. He should hold 0 records and never alliwed in the HOF. Hes nothing but a black eye to baseball. Same with Sosa and macguire

    4. Thanks for saying it! Imagine playing with Barry Bonds 2001 or 2002 lol! Steroids or no Steroids Barry Bonds was hands down the greatest player I’ve ever seen. He was a Hall of Fame player before the allegations. His Hand Eye Coordination was ridiculous. As a Braves fan, I still remember Bonds in Left Field for the Pirates. I remember Sid Bream running as fast as he could to score the winning run and Bonds throw was a little to the right. (Chipper was my Favorite of all time though.) Anyways, Imagine your Bonds and you see “Big Mac” break the Home Run Record. I’d be pissed, a guy whose batting average was below the Mendoza Line. I could go on and on but it’s in the past. It was part of the game. MLB needs to embrace it not try and forget it.

      1. RJClll, I to am a Braves fan. Although my favorite player was, and still is, Dale Murphy. You know, if things would have went a little differently with Maddux and his decision to shun big money and the Yankees, Bonds could have very well ended up a Brave. Like a lot of folks who love baseball, I collect about anything I can that has to do with the Braves. I even subscribed to the Atlanta Constitution Journal for about 15 years and then the net came along and it is all digital now. I have several articles clipped out and pasted into albums about the Braves supposed fascination with Bonds and how he showed mutual interest in becoming a Brave when he hit free agency. Of course then Maddux became available by passing on George and his bottomless bank account. And when he accepted Schurholtz’s offer which was far less than the Yankees offered, Bonds became the odd man out because of money. And looking back how things played out, I think we made the right choice with Maddux, just like we did when we drafted that kid from Florida instead of the “the next Ryan/Clemons express” out of Texas. Oddly enough, I got to see Todd Van Poppel pitch during the summer before the draft. I played on a traveling team in Battle Creek, Michigan. He beat us on a Monday giving up just 1 hit in 5 innings. He looked like Ryan to me cause I K’d twice, lol. But he pitched again on Saturday evening against a team from the Dominican Republic and they beat the life out of him. It was like he was throwing beach balls and they were swinging boat paddles. He gave up something like 9 hits and 6 runs in 3 innings. And I am not sure Bonds is a Hall of Famer before the steroid allegations. He had good numbers of course, but he never won a World Series or even a division title till after he left the Burg and found fun, sun and roids in San Fran. And one last thing, the Bream sliding home play to give the Braves the win is the greatest play in Atlanta sports history. I get chill’s every time I hear Skip Carrey say “if he hits one in the gap, they’ll be dancing in the streets of Atlanta, and the pitch swung on….”. I watched the game on tv with the volume down so I could hear Skip and Pete call the game.

  3. I’ve been playing on Xbox as a second baseman and I’m in my 4th season in AAA and 78 rated. It takes so god damn long to get called up. I’ve gotten the “do you think you’re ready to be called up and help your team in the playoffs?” For 3 straight seasons now. Kinda over this game.

  4. I’ve been playing RTTS on Xbox as second baseman. Whenever the other team attempts to steal from first to second base, I can’t tag out the player. How do you get the catcher to throw the ball to second baseman (my player) and successfully tag the other team attempting the steal? The few times I actually get a ball and am in a position to tag the player, my character just stands there. I haven’t seen any controls in the game guide or anywhere on the internet to explain this. Please help.

    1. Unless you run to the base before the pitch is even thrown you won’t get the tag. But sometimes they don’t steal and it’s a grounder you can’t get to ?

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