MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show Guide – Level Up Fast, XP Glitched

The introduction of the Xbox player base to MLB The Show 21 has been an interesting one. More than ever Diamond Dynasty is integrated into nearly every aspect of the game in 2021’s installment. Unfortunately, Road to the Show is no exception. Players are complaining of incredibly slow progression, the lack of an ability to create more than one player, and far too much reliance on Diamond Dynasty cards to upgrade their character. In this guide, we’ll explain all of the current issues with Road to the Show and provide some tips to help mitigate the current issues.

Road to the Show XP Glitched, Level Up Fast

While San Diego Studio has confirmed that it’s making changes to Road to the Show specifically for players who exclusively play that mode, they aren’t live just yet. All we know right now is players “aren’t getting enough progress” from both training and play time. As it stands, the RTTS has an overreliance on Diamond Dynasty thanks to skills being tied to equipment, perks, and other cards. A lot of players are also complaining about how long things take. Even batting .500 it’ll still take you at least 50-100 games to get called up to the AAA, let alone the majors. Unless you’re opening packs or purchasing cards, it’ll likely take you a few seasons to even crest an overall rank of 60.

For now, focus your efforts on archetype missions as it’s the only method of gaining XP and progression fast enough.

How to Make Multiple Players in RTTS

With the introduction of the Ballplayer feature, you can no longer have multiple Road to the Show characters. Instead you have one character that is persistent across both RTTS and Diamond Dynasty. While you can still start a new save so you can play a different position, your character’s appearance and name is still locked.

Road to the Show Tips

To recap here are a few tips pulled from the above sections, plus a few more.

  • Your player currently gains very little progress towards their skills simply by playing. You need to use Diamond Dynasty cards for the fastest initial gain.
  • How to Level Up Fastest Right Now: The long term way to level up is to complete missions for your archetype though these can be very difficult given the slow increase in Overall rank.
  • You either hand pick the team you play for or are automatically assigned one via the draft.
  • This draft is not shown, instead you get a phone call from one of the teams.
  • You will define your position during your first few weeks as you play. Eventually the team will decide where to stick you.
  • It is no longer possible to create Knuckleballers.

Have tips that you want to share with other players? Leave them in the comments below! We’ll be sure to update this guide whenever San Diego Studio makes changes to the game mode. One thing that won’t be changing, however, is how how Road to the Show is required to progress your Ballplayer. While you can use them in Diamond Dynasty it is not possible to maximize them exclusively in that game mode.


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