Minecraft Earth Skins Guide – How to Select Your Skins

Minecraft Earth, an AR version of the mega popular crafting and survival game, has officially landed on mobile devices in early access form. Taking several pages from the Pokémon GO playbook, the core gameplay of Minecraft Earth sends players out into the world to collect stuff and interact with an augmented reality world. You’ll snag resources while walking around, and you can use them to build stuff that other players can interact with.

While it may be a standalone game, Minecraft Earth does integrate with classic version of the game in a couple ways. The most apparent is that Earth allows you to access character skins you own in other versions of Minecraft. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change your avatar’s look in Minecraft Earth, and how to access the skins you’ve already purchased on the Minecraft marketplace.

How to Change Your Skin in Minecraft Earth

In order to change your skin in Minecraft Earth, you’ll need to enter your profile by clicking on your avatar’s picture in the top left of the screen. In this menu you’ll see stats for how much experience you have, as well as how many blocks in total you’ve collected, how many you’ve placed, how many mobs you’ve picked up, and how much time you’ve spent playing the current session.

You’ll also see a button labeled “characters.” To alter your appearance, tap this button. This will bring up the character view mode. Here, you can change your skin to any of the custom models you’ve saved. To edit one of them, tap it and choose the “edit” option.

But what about the skins you already own in other Minecraft versions? They should be there, too! In order to play Minecraft Earth, you’ll have to log into your Microsoft or Xbox Live account. Upon installing the game, you’ll be prompted to log in with one. All you have to do is use the information that corresponds to your Minecraft account and any skins you’ve purchased on the marketplace should be available to you in the character creator. To see them, tap on one of your skins and choose “edit” to enter the dressing room. In the bottom right hand corner is a button with three Minecraft characters. Picking this will show you the skin packs you’ve downloaded in the past.

How to Customize Your Skin in Minecraft Earth

Empty character slots are denoted by a blank silhouette and a little plus symbol. Tap on one of these and choose “create” to start building a new character. You’ll see a host of accessories and clothing options in the area at the bottom of the screen. The ones with a little coin emblem in the corner cost Minecoins, a premium currency in Minecraft Earth that can be bought using real money.

Minecraft Earth also has a fairly robust character creator. While in the dressing room, if you tap the paintbrush at the bottom of the screen followed by the little character silhouette in the bottom left corner, you’ll be able to build a new avatar from scratch. Along the bottom of the screen are options to change the hair, eyes, mouth, facial hair, arms, legs, and size. You can also change the color of most of these elements. In this way, you can create the idea avatar for your Minecraft Earth adventures.

And that’s most of the important information about Minecraft Earth’s skin options and character creator. Are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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