Minecraft Earth FAQ Guide – How to Gather, Build, and Play

This week, Minecraft stepped into the augmented reality arena with Minecraft Earth. It’s a new game for mobile devices that employs the Pokémon GO hook of “walk around outside and collect stuff.” You can pick up building materials, earn precious premium currencies, construct things that other players can interact with, and customize your blocky avatar. Most of the gameplay staples of standard Minecraft are here in some form or another, but utilized in a way that will be familiar to avid Pokémon GO players.

In an effort to clear up any potential confusion surrounding Minecraft Earth, we’ve put thogether this FAQ. It addresses how to play the game, what it costs, what you can buy with rubies, and more.

How Does Minecraft Earth Play?

In Minecraft Earth, you’ll walk around outside and gather up building resource blocks by tapping them. Mojang has cleverly decided to call items you earn by tapping them “Tappables.” The Tappables are added to your inventory where you can later use them to build things. Other Tappables include animals and decor. 

Are They Really Called Tappables?


How Does Building Work?

In order to build things, you need to have something called a “Buildplate” in your inventory. Buildplates form the foundation of your creations and come in two sizes: 8×8 and 16×16. Each Buildplate is themed around a different biome, such as snow or forest, which will affect the rest of your building.  There are two ways to interact with buildings in the world:

Building Mode

In Building Mode, also known as Tabletop Mode, you will see a blank Buildplate on your screen. Here, you can add different blocks and mobs to your little building area. Buildplates appear as small squares in Build Mode so you can more easily manipulate your structure. You can also invite friends to participate in the construction process. Make sure you trust whoever you invite into Build Mode, though, because they’ll be able to steal, break, and alter your creation just like in traditional Minecraft.   

Play Mode 

Once you’re done building something and have placed it in the world, it can be explored in Play Mode. While in this mode, the building appears as a life-sized structure via the game’s AR capabilities. You can interact with them in all the ways you might expect in Minecraft, but built structures are instanced, meaning any alterations made to them are temporary. They’ll revert back to their original form upon exiting Play Mode.

What Are Adventures?

Minecraft Earth taps into standard Minecraft’s survival qualities via adventures. These are points on your map that you can approach and tap. Doing so will allow you to dig with your pickaxe or fight mobs or chop down trees. Adventures are a good way to stock up on some rare ores and other treasures.

What Are Rubies?

When tapping away at Tappables, you may find some Rubies. This is Minecraft Earth’s premium currency. You can use them to buy all kinds of stuff from the in-game marketplace, like new Buildplates, resources, outfits, and more. In addition to finding them out in the wild, you can also buy rubies with real-life money via microtransactions.

How Does Minecraft Earth Interact With Other Versions of the Game?

For the most part, Minecraft Earth is a standalone experience. You don’t need to have played any other version of Minecraft to enjoy it, but there are a few ways the game acknowledges your progress on other platforms. For instance, you can bring any skins you own from other versions into Minecraft Earth. You’ll just need to make sure you’ve linked up your Microsoft account.

And that’s most of the basics of Minecraft Earth covered. How are you liking the AR version of Minecraft so far? Let us know in the comments section.


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