Minecraft Dungeons Underhall Guide – How to Unlock the Underhall Level

A new game from the developer of Minecraft is officially live, so it’s time to slay some enemies and collect a ton of high tier loot. Similar to games like Diablo, Minecraft Dungeons has players progressing through randomized levels in a hunt for better gear so you can take on higher difficulties. Despite being a simplified variation of this genre, Minecraft Dungeons boasts some entertaining combat and level design that definitely makes it worth exploring. Along with the core nine campaign missions, there are actually a handful of secret levels you can unlock if you are cravening more zombie-bashing, skeleton shattering fun. One of these is Underhall, which is not available until a little later in the game.

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How to Unlock Underhall

To unlock the Underhall mission you need to progress through the story until you can venture into Highblock Hall. This is the second to last of the core levels, so you’ll want to be around level 21-22 to take on this mission. Once you load the level, progress through the early stages of Highblock Hall, killing the Illagers standing in your way. Eventually you will reach a double staircase leading down to a lower floor. Slay the spirits and other enemies before heading to the shields on the wall under the staircase.

You can actually interact with the left shield and press it in to unlock a hidden door. Since the mission layouts are generally randomized, we cannot give you an exact path. However, during our testing we found this secret door was always very, very early on in the level. Just run-up to every shield by some stairs to test if they can be interacted with until one gives you a prompt. After you open the door, head inside and pick up the scroll on the table right in front of you.

There won’t be any additional enemies and once you pick up the scroll the level will be automatically unlocked. It doesn’t matter if you complete Highblock Hall or not, so don’t worry about failing the mission. When you load up the main menu again you’ll see the Underhall icon on your map just below Highblock Hall. This mission tasks you with scoring through the Arch Illager’s dungeon. You can get some decent loot here, which is going to be especially useful since the final mission is quite difficult.

We strongly recommend completing Underhall, as it’s a pretty simple mission and doesn’t even have a boss fight. Since you’ll want your level to be as high as possible for Obisidian Tower, these secret missions are key to making the last mission much easier. Along with Underhall, there is a second hidden mission in Creeper Woods called Creepy Crypt. This one is unlocked by finding a secret door in Creeper Woods and picking up another scroll in a small dungeon.

Make sure to always check every corner in Minecraft Dungeons, even if it doesn’t look like it leads anywhere!