Minecraft Dungeons Guide – How Long Is Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons is officially live and available for free to Xbox Game Pass owners. Also on PC, this title embraces Diablo-style dungeon crawlers, allowing users to battle through hordes of enemies for better and cooler loot. Acting as a simplified version of the majority of titles in this genre, Minecraft Dungeons can still be a challenging experience with a surprising amount of replayability. However, this title should be viewed less as a hardcore action game with deep RPG mechanics and more as a casual, co-op title that can be a blast with friends. This can leave a few wondering exactly how long is this title, especially if you decide to go on this adventure alone.

How Long is Minecraft Dungeons

During my first playthrough, I completed the game within 8-10 hours with only the last mission requiring me to try it more than once. Not including the short prologue mission, there are a total of 9 main missions and a small handful of side missions you will need to discover and unlock. This can add an extra hour or two if you’re looking for all of the secrets and chests in every mission, as the randomized layout can lead to a lot of random, snaking pathways.

Once you beat the campaign, you’ll unlock additional difficulties which allows you to replay the missions with tougher enemies. Completing this will net you better loot, so you can try even harder difficulties until you are roughly level 54 when you can upgrade all your Enchantments. Going for this goal you can easily sink another dozen or two hours into the game. This time will vary if you’re playing with others however, as additional players does simplify some of the tougher encounters and boss fights.

The core missions in Minecraft Dungeons are:

  • Creeper Woods
  • Soggy Swamp
  • Cacti Canyon
  • Pumpkin Pastures
  • Desert Temple
  • Redstone Mines
  • Fiery Forge
  • Highblock Hall
  • Obsidian Pinnacle

As for the hidden missions, we were able to discover two, Underhalls and Creepy Crypt. To unlock these missions, you will need to discover a secret scroll, typically found in a hidden tomb, to open up these levels. You can find the scroll for Creepy Crypt in Creeper Woods, while Underhalls is in Highblock Hall. Since the level is randomized, we cannot give you a direct pathway, but the method for opening them should be the same. In Highblock Hall you need to push a shield into a wall to open up a secret room, while Creepy Crypt requires you to discover a hidden door.

More Minecraft Dungeons

These missions are pretty short but generally entertaining and worth hunting for since Minecraft Dungeons has zero side missions. There is also no other multiplayer mode outside of co-op, so don’t expect any competitive PVP or mini-games. If you’re still on the fence about Minecraft Dungeons, make sure to check out our review podcast about the game where we dive a little deeper into the mechanics and gameplay.