Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Bugs Guide – Autopilot Issues, Live Weather Wrong

With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, many players are finding themselves blocked by or inconvenienced by a number of issues. From the simple to the game breaking, we’re going to recap all of the issues players are reporting and hope to update this post with information as they get resolved.

While Asobo Studios has put out its first development update, there was little inside related to performance issues.

List updated with latest solutions on September 3, 2020. Asobo plans to release a patch next week to address bugs and performance issues.

Autopilot Issues

The autopilot on larger planes seems to suffer from an abundance of issues. From being unable to land to not being able to fly the plane correctly. If you’re having lots of issues with consistency, you aren’t the only one.

Asobo is currently looking into bug reports and acknowledges that autopilot can struggle with altitude and speed targets. It also clarifies that VNAV is only partially implemented on airliners, and not at all on general aviation aircraft.

There’s also a note that Garmin navigation systems aren’t currently switching from NAV mod to LOC automatically.

Status: Investigating.

Live Weather Not Accurate

A small issue, but an problem nonetheless is a sometimes less than accurate live weather system. Sometimes it’s spot on and others there’s a complete lack of weather in an area where it should be storming. Lots of users are attributing this to overloaded servers not being able to send out or pull information fast enough, but Asobo hasn’t commented on the bug.

We are looking into the reports and will provide additional information.

ATC Bugs

ATC frequently tells you to change altitudes, yells at real pilots for not changing their altitude, and sometimes becomes unresponsive.

Status: Investigating.

Stuck on Blue Loading Bar

For these next few issues, we’re going to highlight recommendations from Asobo itself. We have not tested these ourselves since we have not encountered these situations.

First up, some users are seemingly stuck forever on the blue loading bar.

Status: Fixed!

We are currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, if your sim stops loading and the blue bar gets stuck, please try the following workarounds:

  • Exit out of Microsoft Flight Simulator (Alt+F4) and relaunch the title one or two times
  • Try running the sim as an Administrator


Here is another workaround:

  • Check your Roaming directory (e.g. C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you see UserCfg.opt, open it and verify that InstalledPackagesPath is set to a path you wish to install your game. (e.g. “D:\Game\Microsoft Flight Simulator”)
  • Delete everything else in C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Start the game again. It should prompt you to select a storage location. If your UserCfg.opt has the InstalledPackagePath set, then the file path of the directory you specified should appear in the text box.
  • Press Update. It should transition to a screen where you can actually see what files are being downloaded from the server.

Not Downloading / Slow Downloading

For others, the game doesn’t seem to be downloading at all or is downloading at a crawl.

Status: Triaging.

If you are experiencing slow download speed when downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator, please do the following:

  • In the Windows search bar, type Command and look for ‘Command Prompt
  • In the menu select “Run as administrator
  • Enter: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • Press enter
  • Reboot your computer

We also recommend doing the following:

  • Close the app and restart it rather than letting it hang. Note: the download will resume from where it left off (you will not have to download from the start again)
  • Avoid using WiFi when updating. Try using an ethernet cable instead.
  • Turn off any security software that may be interfering (UAC, Antivirus, Firewall).
  • Change the installation repository (from C: to D: for instance) or try creating a new installation folder in the drive of your choice (for instance create “MSFS” in your C: drive)

Stuck on “Please Wait” Screen

There’s one more major pain point and that’s after loading, sometimes the “Please Wait” screen never goes away. For that Asobo recommends the following:

Status: Solved!

Some users get stuck on the Content Manager screen while attempting to download the game. It will either become stuck on a certain file or become stuck on “Please Wait…”.

Restarting the app, reinstalling the game, or deleting the OneStore or Packages folder will fix the process for some users.

Active Pause Speed Bug

One of the coolest things about the game is you can do an active pause, letting your plane continue to be animated but have everything around you on hold. You can then move the camera or enter drone mode to fly around the environment far away from your plane. The one problem? The game doesn’t currently pause your acceleration or deceleration. If you pause while in the middle of gaining speed for takeoff, for example, you’ll suddenly find yourself going much, much faster.

This can obviously be a problem when you’re losing speed midair when you pause, only to come back and have the plane plummet out of the sky.

Game Crashes When Plugging or Unplugging Controllers

Some users report controllers causing crashes when plugged in or unplugged while the game is running. For a workaround, we recommend plugging in controllers before starting the game or waiting until you’re done playing to unplug them.

Status: Fixed!

☑️ Known issue: Unplugging a USB device (Joystick, Yoke, Xbox Controller, Bluetooth devices etc) while playing the sim will likely cause the sim to CTD.

This is a known issue and it will be addressed in an upcoming patch. Check out our FAQ linked in our bio for more known issues

Inaccurate Fuel Consumption

Fuel isn’t a concern for most flights unless you’re covering long distances. However, some users are reporting issues where planes are consuming up to four times as much fuel as they’re supposed to.

And that’s it for now! We’ll be sure to update this post with any information Asobo releases.


Dillon Skiffington

Dillon is the Guides Editor at Fanbyte. He can't seem to quit games as a service or looter shooters — unfortunate news for his backlog, really. Can't get enough game art, soundtracks, or space games. You can find him on Twitter @Squiblon.

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  1. Upon program launch my installation freeses at “XBox Login” page. Music continues but I can’t press the button! I can only kill the application with the TaskManager. Tried to switch off windows defender or any other firewalling application …. still, not getting beyond the first screen! Thanks for your help

    1. I have the same problem – except my installation goes into neverending thinking mode on the Mt. Fuji screen. Then a gray text box appears, but without text. I also still get the “press any key to begin” deal – I thought that was removed a couple of updates ago? Like you, I have to kill it in TaskManager, so I can go play X-Plane, a working sim.

  2. Please wait. I really wonder if they will ever fix the bugs in this sim.. Typical Microsoft.. I am sticking with X Plane at least it loads and works good. They never even finished Flightsim X.. It still had bugs when steam got it.. Microsoft is the worst they got your money and that’s all they care about..

    1. If I was a lawyer I would sue their butt. Their advertising and statements made in print and buy their distributer (in my case Best Buy) were false and misleading to say the least.

  3. Is anyone having issues with the vs in the 747-8 for fs2020? ATC asked to climb to FL170 from FL110. I set the VS to 1400 and the plane started its climb. After passing FL150, the little vs arm started moving downward, causing the plane to descend for no apparent reason that I could find. Everything was set: lnav, vnav, AT, speed, but nothing seemed to work. Please me know if anyone, and how to fix it. Thank YOU!


  4. My problem occurs both downloading and flying! The window suddenly closes without freezing or giving any error information.
    It just closes after some flight time. Sometimes about 30 minutes, sometimes almost 1 hour.
    Someone has the same problem?
    I have windows 10 updated and mfs2020.

  5. My VOR does not indicate properly when crossing a station. It does not go from (to) to (from). I am a retired commercial pilot.

  6. I have no offline ai aircraft or boats??? No matter what I do i cannot get them to show, I can get online ai aircraft to show but it is fps taxing.

    1. Update Microsoft visual studio stopped my crashing issue hope this helps if you’ve not already tried this

  7. Unless I missed it. You should include that the game crashes even when using custom weather. Ran the game as admin. Select an airport and try to set custom weather since the live weather isn’t working. The game just crashes as I’m adjusting options.

  8. I cannot even get this to start. Downloaded, updates fail or just will not update period and I have a 4GHz Xeon Processor, 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM……not the machine! I paid $119 for what???? This is absolute crap!

  9. I’m also noticing a few issues with the simulator. The bridges aren’t showing up properly. At my home airport, KPIE, the AI airport vehicles randomly stop on the taxiway and runway after I’ve been cleared to taxi and takeoff. Also, for some reason, the runway lights and airport beacon are on during daylight hours in VFR conditions. Did alpha and beta testers notice any of this?

  10. I second Bens solution. Content had stopped loading despite a healthy hi-speed internet connection. I ran the app as an Admin (instead of the XBox Beta Launcher), then changed the install directory, adding a new folder (MSFS) and finally turned off Windows Defender for my private network (turning it back on after download completion). Working fine. Actually better than expected. Thanks Fanbyte.

  11. I had the issue with content not downloading. I got around it by running the app as Admin (instead of using the xbox launcher) and changing the install directory. Worked like a charm. Thanks 🙂

  12. Having deactivated the Windows firewall (crazy that Microsoft security software blocks a premium Microsoft game) I finally got through to a screen showing the Xbox logo and ‘PLEASE WAIT’. However it then stopped with an error code of ‘0x0000042b’ ‘We were unable to sign you to Xbox Live – the process terminated unexpectedly’ (despite the fact that I AM signed in to Xbox Live). I can’t get past this no matter how often I try.

    I’m running the up to date version of Windows 10 on a virtual machine on the highest spec iMac 27″ that it’s possible to buy with 8 gb RAM assigned, 255gb disk space, a 3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 processor and a Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB video card. Anyone else encountered this issue?

    1. Yes I did for the first several times I tried to start FS2020. Next day did not need to sign in to Xbox Live because the icon for FS2020 is now on my Win10 Apps page of boxes. I just click on it.
      The sign in error for Xbox Live is a multi-year long issue with many users of Xbox and Xbox games for Windows startups.
      I don’t recommend running the FS2020 on an iMac because of the heat load. I have several older iMacs with High Sierra and older MacOS X versions. I always actively cool them with vent hoods over the top rear air slots. I plug in a small USB heat extraction fan box ($17 on Ebay from China sellers). This lowers the heat of any iMac or laptop internal temp by 30*F at least.
      Another issue is the layer of software to emulate Windows on an iMac or any Apple device. This drastically slows the game performance. You will not be happy with the input lags and low frame rate screen because of that virtual machine interface. This might be not an issue since you tell you have the advanced iMac hardware. I don’t, so I stick to Intel CPU and AMD GPU on an ASUS ATX motherboard.

      1. I tried running it on a 2020 27″ iMac 10 core i7 10990 64GB radeon 5700 xt pro 16GB under boot camp. Running WIN10 on bare metal – I had the dreaded blue bar stuck problem. Couldn’t get past that issue. I can confirm the heat issue – during the install 100 centigrade, Can you give details on where to get the heat extractor for. iMacs – how to search for it on eBay? For the time being I’m sticking to X-Plane and going to investigate getting a Windows machine when they get FS2020 stable.

  13. The autopilot in the Skyhawk just tried to kill me. For reference, I fly a steam-gauge 172SP in real life and am intimately familiar with its systems. This bloody thing, after departing and proceeding on my IFR flight plan (and the flight planner is also a giant heap of fail), I activated the AP and it immediately ran up full nose-up trim, without my having selected the alt hold. I disengaged the AP, regained control of the airplane, reengaged AP, and it literally put me in a spin. I recovered again and rage-quit. For this I paid $120?

    1. I had the same exact problem with the Beech Bonanza. THe AP automatically sends then elevator trim in to crack cocaine mode.

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