MHW USJ: Shine On Forever Event Guide – Azure Starlord Layered Armor

The Azure Era Seal is a nice, easy reward in the face of Fatalis this update.

The MHW “USJ: Shine On Forever” event quest joins Fatalis as part of the game’s last, major content drop. It’s a pleasant surprise for one not-so-pleasant reason. In this context, USJ refers to Universal Studios Japan. The theme park regularly holds Monster Hunter events where players can get exclusive gear by attending. Normally, that gear then drops much later for the majority of players. The COVID-19 pandemic naturally interrupted that pandemic. Since it’s unsafe to attend pretty much any large gathering, Capcom and USJ are giving out the Azure Starlord layered armor for free, to players all over the world.

USJ: Shine On Forever runs from Oct. 1, 2020 until Nov. 5, 2020. After which it will likely rotate into the usual event schedule. Expect to see it crop up in seasonal festivals, like the Fun Fright Fest in October. It’s also a nice, easy mission compared to the rest of Title Update 5. Fatalis was added to Monster Hunter World at the same time. If you’re not ready for that, you can farm some tickets to get the Azure Starlord layered armor set in the meantime!

You only need to be Master Rank 18 to participate in this event quest.

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Like the one-week Iceborne anniversary quests before it, USJ: Shine On Forever takes place in the Seliana Supply Cache. The small arena makes this a fairly quick hunt. You just need to slay a Velkhana: the mascot monster for the Iceborne expansion. Be sure to pack Ice resistant gear, or eat elemental resistance at the canteen. Unlike those anniversary quests, this is also a normal Velkhana. You won’t have to deal with the Tempered version! So it should be fairly easy for midgame players.

It’s even easier thanks to the supply cache itself. This is the same place you repelled Velkhana in during the expansion campaign. That includes the cannons, ballistae, gatling gun, and Dragonrazer featured in that assignment. The Dragonrazer in particular is easier to load than ever! You can fuel it up at the very start of the fight. Just use the conveniently placed fuel cells on the ground right next to it. You need two units of fuel to fire. After the weapon is ready, just wait for Velkhana to stand in front of the massive cannon, then fire away using hte lever.

Otherwise this is a very normal Velkhana fight. Watch out for their strong tail stabs (which still trip me up after hundreds of hours of play). Bring an Iceproof Mantle and Nullberries as well (you don’t need Hot Drinks here). And when not using the Dragonrazer, you can fight on the other side of the arena, using the small ledge to land mounting attacks. Although Velkhana makes mounting easy enough by generating ice platforms for you to leap from in the first place.

Once you win, you’ll get at least one Azure Era Seal. This ticket can be used to craft the Azure Starlord layered armor. Specifically, you need three copies of the crafting material, plus assorted other items to finish it off. You need three tickets total to finish the set.

Don’t worry if you have trouble finding the armor. Despite being tied to a Master Rank event quest, this counts as High Rank layered armor. So make sure to tab over there when crafting and equipping the new gear.

Happy hunting!


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