MHW To Our World Event Quest Guide – Artemis Layered Armor

The armor may be ugly, but hey, it's easy to get!

The MHW “To Our World” event quest follows straight after “The New World.” It quickly closes out the Monster Hunter movie crossover and provides the Artemis layered armor set to boot. Though it’s not very difficult or time consuming! Like the first mission, you simply need to hunt a single monster, and only need to be Master Rank 1 to begin. Let’s take a look at what makes this mission tick in our To Our World guide for MHW!

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MHW artemis layered armor

Don’t worry about your build, items, or meals for this mission. None of those will matter as you dive directly into the action as Artemis. A brief cutscene will play before you find yourself equipped with everything you need. Even the usual item box goodies, like First-aid Meds, will already be in your inventory.

Perhaps the only thing worth mentioning here is your weapon. Artemis begins with a pair of raw damage Dual Blades equipped (matching her movie character counterpart). You might not be super familiar with this weapon class. Like me! Which might make this final battle — this time against a supersized Rathalos — more troublesome than necessary. Luckily, while the event quests don’t spell it out for you, you can go to the Item Box back at camp and replace your equipment with a bone variant of any weapon you prefer.

From there, To Our World is a pretty standard battle in the Ancient Forest. The aforementioned Rathalos will appear in Area 1 and doesn’t seem to leave that spot. Artemis will even audibly tell you to go there at the start of the event quest. Though you cannot fast travel during this mission! You can’t alter your armor from the Artemis set, either (which unlocks as a layered armor option at the end of this mission). However, the basic gear comes with some useful skills for this particular battle. Three levels of Stun Resistance doesn’t hurt. Neither does Poison Resistance and Blight Resistance.

MHW Artemis Armor

Artemis Alpha+ Armor – MHW The New World Event Quest

One of the Artemis armor set bonuses also helps. It confers the same lifesteal effect as Nergigante Ambition: giving you health back after landing a certain number of hits on any monster. It’s not the best lifesteal skill in MHW. It doesn’t hurt, either. The second set bonus is Great Luck, which matches another Elder Dragon skill, Kirin Divinity. Put together, the bonuses aren’t too terrible. Though the Decoration slots most certainly are godawful on this set I’m sad to say. It’s tough to see it sitting well even in some mixed sets given how powerful armor has become in MHW.

You can take a look at the total skills on this armor yourself using the image above. Otherwise, I’ve also laid out the skills per piece below!

  • Artemis Head – 2x Level 1 slots | 2x Peak Performance | 1x Earplugs
  • Artemis Mail – 2x Level 1 slots | 2x Earplugs | 1x Recovery Up
  • Artemis Guards – 1x Level 2 slot | 3x Health Boost | 1x Earplugs
  • Artemis Coil – 1x Level 3 slot | 2x Blight Resistance | 2x Recovery Up
  • Artemis Greaves – 1x Level 4 slot | 3x Stun Resistance | 2x Poison Resistance

Once you complete the mission, you should get a unique crafting material called Artemis’s Notebook. It’s the same item the character gives to the Admiral in the final cutscene. It’s also what you need to complete the full MHW Artemis layered armor set in one go! That means, unlike a number of event quests, you only need to run this mission once. Though once again, you still have to finish the event quest The New World for the basic armor set, first.

It’s… not a very attractive look. At least that’s my take! But the super low requirements and time investment make it a no-brainer for completionists to collect. It’s also not another Full Armor Set — meaning you can mix and match parts of it with other layered armor on your own character. Get it while you can, and happy hunting!


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