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MHW The Naked Truth Event Quest Guide – Innerwear Layered Armor

PSA: This is the best way to get a Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate yet!

In MHW, “The Naked Truth” isn’t just a saying. It’s an event quest — and your only source of the precious Inner Eye Ticket used to craft Innerwear layered armor. Said gear is basically your skivvies. If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to go naked in Monster Hunter, this is your chance! But it won’t be easy. First you need to start The Naked Truth quest, which is now available as part of the Sizzling Spice summer fest for the first time. And you might want to know the best ways to get the gear. Let’s take a look at the requirements and the steps you’ll be taking in The Naked Truth!

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Unlike fellow new event quest, “Fetching Light Pearls,” this battle requires some real combat. And it’s a whole lot trickier than “Camoflawed” or even “Don’t Forget the Earplugs!“, a couple of other new missions with this update. You need to do battle with the Old Everwyrm itself: Shara Ishvalda. Though there isn’t much actual “hunting” involved. This battle takes place in the usual unique area where the creature can always be found.

Of special note is that this is maybe the best quest to get a Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate in the whole game! Normally you need to perform the thankless task of breaking the monster’s head, twice, for the best odds of acquiring the rare item. But The Naked Truth comes with an 18 percent drop chance for Tenderplates by default. Knocking his noggin will get you more, of course, but now you don’t have to spend the entire fight doing it!

Consider bringing a Farcaster to escape the typical Shara Ishvalda earthquake attack, though.

Also unlike a lot of event quests, it’s basically impossible to get everything you need from a single run of The Naked Truth. There is still a 100 percent chance of getting the Inner Eye Ticket you need! The only issue is that each piece of Innerwear layered armor, whether alpha or beta, requires three such tickets. That means you need six total tickets to get every piece of cosmetic armor. If you’re supremely unlucky, that’s six whole runs against Shara Ishvalada — one of the longer missions in the game.

Like most event quests, it’s possible for two or even more tickets to drop in a single run. That’s especially true if you burn a Lucky Voucher before entering. However, the odds of that are also quite low. You’re almost certainly going to need to run this mission a number of times if you want everything.

Circling back to the mission: it’s quite simple to start. Even so, you need to play quite a bit beforehand. You need to make sure you’ve hit Master Rank 24 (a.k.a. the end of the Iceborne expansion content) in order to begin. Then mosey on over the the assignment board and choose events. You’ll find The Naked Truth deep into the list of available missions

You can theoretically take a full set of Sizzling Spice armor with you. The quest isn’t easy or quick, but it’s not the hardest thing in the world, either. And wearing the armor is an easy way to up your chances of a Sizzling Spice VIP ticket. The same goes for any seasonal event armor, depending on when you’re reading this, of course. We may still recommend gear better suited to dealing damage, though. Good luck, hunters!

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