MHW The Eternal Gold Rush Event Quest Guide – Kulve Taroth Event

There's gold in them there caves.

The MHW “The Eternal Gold Rush” event is one a handful of new missions included with the first-ever Full Bloom Fest. It’s a big one, too. It raise the inaugural siege monster from base Monster Hunter World, Kulve Taroth, to Master Rank. And it’s actually the first time we get to kill the beast in-game! Though that’s not an easy or simple process. While the hunt will remind players of the original siege, there a lot of new rules and rewards to consider as you fight — including Master Rank Kulve Taroth and Kjarr weapons. This is some of the best gear in the game. So let’s get started on grinding it out with our guide to “The Eternal Gold Rush” in MHW.

To begin the quest, just hit up the mission board as usual. You’ll find “The Eternal Gold Rush” under the events section for a limited time. Just like other event quests, this is often tied to seasonal festivals. During its debut, you can access this mission until May 7, 2020. Check the MHW event quest calendar for future updates!

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The only other real requirement for Master Rank Kulve Taroth is beating the Iceborne campaign. You will be locked out of the event quest until you reach Master Rank 24 — which occurs when you beat Shara Ishvalda. So if you’re unsure how to get to that point, just keep playing the main assignments. You’ll get there eventually! And you do not need to fight High Rank Kulve Taroth first.

If you have battled the “Mother Goddess of Gold” before, though, the fight will look awfully familiar. Yet there’s one key difference right off the bat: you skip all of Area 1 from the siege version of the battle entirely. Instead, the battle begins for real in the wide-open Area 2. And Kulve Taroth acts more-or-less the way you would expect them to. Watch out for her body slams!

The two wrinkles that make this assignment different from other event quests are the shiny drops and hidden time limits. The former feature is a good thing; as you break parts off the monster, she’ll drop shiny pickups on the ground, almost as if you were in the Guiding Lands.

Of course, the hidden time limits aren’t so nice. You have a little over seven minutes per area to do a certain percentage of damage to Kulve Taroth before she flees. This is tantamount to failing the mission altogether. You’ll get to keep all the shinies you found, though, which can really add up! So don’t be too disheartened if you lose her. And her total hit points scale for single-player and multiplayer. That means, unlike her High Rank cousin, it’s perfectly reasonable to solo Master Rank Kulve Taroth.

Once you beat Kulve Taroth in Area 2, however, she will instantly enter her “released” form. This gives her greater speed and more attacks once she enters the super-heated Area 3. Make sure to down a Cool Drink when you follow her there. Again, it’s not really that different from “The Fury of El Dorado,” when you likely battered the beast in High Rank.

The same system repeats: you have seven-ish minutes to deal enough damage to keep her locked into the area. This culminates in Area 4, the final stage of the battle, where Master Rank Kulve Taroth unveils even more entirely new moves. She can spew flames forward in a wave of damaging heat, or drop molten gold from the ceiling with her roar. Naturally you should dodge this. Bring a Fireproof Mantle and maybe even a Farcaster if you’re really worried about being cornered by the golden girl.

The objective from this point forward is totally different from the siege, too. It’s not just about breaking Kulve Taroth’s horns anymore! You can still do that, of course, and it’s worth your while. Each horn provides two extra monster carves — adding up to nine total when you kill her.

master rank kulve taroth weapons

Master Rank Kulve Taroth Weapons

That’s right. We said kill Kulve Taroth. The monster has been immortal up to this point. She always just fled whenever you removed her horns in the original mission. But now the ultimate objective is to just take her out like any other Elder Dragon in MHW. It’s not too tough, either. We’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the most enjoyable fights in the game! Just make sure to grab those shinies, pop off those horns, and carve up the carcass to collect as many Master Rank Kulve Taroth parts as possible.

Every item you acquire can be offered to the Smithy. Your reward? Fully upgraded, Master Rank versions of Kulve Taroth weapons. The upgrade process more-or-less treats the monster’s parts like Armor Spheres: leveling up your weapon up to five times. And once they’re fully juiced up, well, Master Rank Kjarr pieces in particular are some of the best weapons in MHW right now. You really don’t want to pass this event quest up and let Kulve Taroth escape!

Master Rank Kulve Taroth Armor

Naturally the new and improved beast also comes with new and improved armor. Both the Alpha and the Beta versions come with two different armor set bonuses. These include the Guts skill with just two pieces of Kulve Taroth gear and the Free Meal Secret skill with four. It’s an interesting combination, potentially designed for support builds and just general comfort. And then there are the skills and gem slots. Check them out below!

Here’s the full Kulve Taroth Alpha Plus breakdown:

  • Helm Alpha – 1x Free Meal | 3x Free Element/Ammo Up
  • Mail Alpha – 2x Level 3 slots | 3x Speed Eating | 1x Free Meal
  • Braces Alpha – 1x Level 3 slot | 1x Level 2 slot | 1x Critical Boost | 3x Wide-Range
  • Faulds Alpha – 1x Level 2 slot | 2x Level 1 slots | 2x Peak Performance | 1x Free Meal
  • Greaves Alpha – 1x Level 2 slot | 2x Level 1 slots | 2x Critical Boost | 1x Peak Performance

Here’s the full Kulve Taroth Beta Plus breakdown:

  • Helm Beta – 2x Level 4 slots | 1x Level 1 slot | 1x Free Meal
  • Mail Beta – 1x Level 4 slot | 1x Level 3 slot | 3x Speed Eating
  • Braces Beta – 2x Level 4 slots | 1x Critical Boost
  • Faulds Beta – 1x Level 4 slot | 1x Level 3 slot | 2x Peak Performance
  • Greaves Beta – 1x Level 4 slot | 2x Level 1 slots | 2x Critical Boost

Good luck, hunters!