MHW The Distant Dark Tide Event Quest Guide – Arch-Tempered Namielle

In this fight, things are sure to get slippery.

We’ve finally come to the first Arch-Tempered monster in MHW since the release of Iceborne: Arch-Tempered Namielle. This elementally charged fish… dragon… thing is normally an easy, if slightly complex, fight. But its Arch-Tempered version is far more powerful — dealing increased damage and hoarding extra hit points. Your reward for facing the enhanced Elder Dragon is Namielle Gamma armor. This is a unique, more powerful set of gear exclusive to the Arch-Tempered version. Just as it was for all the Elder Dragons in base Monster Hunter World. So it’s well worth your time to jump into the event quest, “The Distant Dark Tide,” while you can!

To begin the quest, just hit up the mission board as usual. You’ll find “The Distant Dark Tide” under the events section for a limited time. Just like other event quests, this is often tied to seasonal festivals. The mission debuted on May 1, 2020. Though no end date is currently announced. Check the MHW event quest calendar for future updates!

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There’s actually another, much steeper requirement for “The Distant Dark Tide.” Unlike Master Rank Kulve Taroth, which also came in this update, you must be Master Rank 100 in MHW. That’s quite a commitment! Getting through the main story and beating Shara Ishvalda only gets you to MR24. The rest is all grinding and completing event quests that provide bonus Master Rank. Hunting Tempered monsters is also a great source of grinding Master Rank quickly.

Once that’s out of the way, though, you’re ready to begin. And the fight works very similar to the normal Namielle battle from the main game. The biggest difference is that you really want to upgrade your gear as much as possible. Capcom even raised the cap on armor just before introducing the monster. Of course, that means augmenting your gear as well, which requires those elusive Great Spiritvein Gems on Rarity 12 gear.

Also make sure to bring a Waterproof Mantle, Nullberries, and perhaps a Cleanser Booster. Namielle deals two types of elemental damage: water and thunder. However, its water attacks are much more common and typically harder to dodge. Whereas its lightning attacks are typically very telegraphed and easy to avoid if you just run away. Combined with the immediate threat waterblight poses (causing your stamina to regenerate very slowly) it’s better to focus on mitigating water damage altogether, while clearing thunderblight whenever necessary.

For weapons, as we mention in our standard Namielle guide, focus on its weaknesses. Namielle is very susceptible to fire, poison, and blast damage. Dragon damage is also pretty effective, with a two-star rating. Luckily none of these damage types are hard to come by in MHW these days, thanks to Safi’Jiva, Master Rank Kulve Taroth, and Raging Brachydios weapons all being very strong choices in the meta. The former two monsters will give you access to every element, while Brachydios obviously offers blast.

Namielle Gamma Armor

Just like its predecessors, this Arch-Tempered Namielle comes with a set of Gamma gear. The armor has a completely different arrangement of slots and skills than its Alpha and Beta cousins. And the results a pretty solid — especially if you use a Bow or Dual Daggers. While the slots aren’t too impressive, each piece of armor comes with a tremendous number of points in skills focused on stamina and evasion. The chest also comes with Water Attack, while the legs come with Thunder Attack. Since both Bows and Dual Daggers rely on stamina and elemental damage, that’s not a bad combo. The weapons also work with with Element Acceleration: the Namielle set bonus that increases the elemental damage you do as you continuously attack a monster.

Here’s the full Namielle Gamma armor breakdown:

  • Tentacle Cowl Gamma – 1x Level 4 slot | 1x Level 2 slot | 3x Stamina Surge | 1x Tool Specialist
  • Tentacle Cloak Gamma – 1x Level 4 slot | 4x Evade Window | 2x Water Attack
  • Tentacle Gloves Gamma – 1x Level 4 slot | 1x Level 2 slot | 3x Marathon Runner | 1x Blight Resistance
  • Tentacle Coil Gamma – 1x Level 4 slot | 1x Level 2 slot | 3x Evade Extender | 2x Recovery Speed
  • Tentacle Greaves Gamma – 1x Level 4 slot | 4x Constitution | 2x Thunder Attack

That’s all we really have to go on at the moment! We’ll be sure to update this guide with more information about Arch-Tempered Namielle and “The Distant Dark Tide,” including its initial end date. Until then, you should have a better idea of how to get ready.


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