MHW The Cold Never Bothered Me Event Quest Guide – Sealed Feystone

The heat, however, might actually both you quite a lot...

“The Cold Never Bothered Me” MHW event quest is the final one-year anniversary mission in celebration of Iceborne. It’s a real doozy, too, since the quest pits you against a Tempered Elder Dragon. It’s not just any lizard, either. This is a Tempered Lunastra. And the Master Rank version of the big, blue lady most certainly is bothersome. On the bright side: The Cold Never Bothered Me is a great chance to get your Sealed Feystone farm on. These very rare items become equally rare Level 4 decorations to supplement your weapons and armor. Furthermore, The Cold Never Bothered Me takes place in the Seliana Supply Cache. It’s similar to “In the Tempest’s Wake” and “Day of Ruin” before it. And it’s unclear if this event is ever coming back!

That’s the major catch. The Cold Never Bothered Me is only available for one week — from Sept. 24, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2020. It dovetails almost perfectly into the Fun Fright Fest in October. And it ends right when Fatalis gets added to Monster Hunter World, allowing you to prepare for the sure-to-be-harrowing battle.

You must also be Master Rank 100 to participate in this event quest, by the way!

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This mission might seem old hat to you, if you already played the last two anniversary missions. It too takes place in the Seliana Supply Cache. That’s the unique combat arena from which you repel Velkhana in the Iceborne campaign, which features the Dragonrazer and a gatling gun for use against the beast. There are also some cannons (if you can perfect the timing). All of these weapons are best used in multiplayer; that way one or more hunters can keep Lunastra’s attention while you fire.

Speaking of Lunastra… She’s definitely no joke. The Master Rank version of the monster wields an even more powerful supernova attack than her predecessor. It produces a ton of wind pressure that makes it difficult to heal. Instead, you’ll often get knocked onto your but while you take damage, unable to even finish scarfing Astera Jerky if you time it incorrectly. Plus her blue pelt produces damage over time. You need to bring Cool Drinks and/or a Fireproof Mantle to avoid getting hurt just by standing near her.

Beyond that, this Tempered Lunastra features more health, damage, and Flash Pod resistance than the standard version. That makes her tricky to get out of the sky if she so chooses to hover around. An Insect Glaive user might aid their teammates with extra mounting attacks here. Bowguns can also stun with well-placed Sticky Ammo to the face of Lunastra. And a Hunting Horn with Wind Pressure Negated (it doesn’t have to be All Wind Pressure Negated, like you might take against Kushala Daora) makes it easier to heal through the supernova.

If you do get knocked down by the area-of-effect attack, it’s usually smart to stay down for a while. Hunters are immune to damage while laying down on the ground. Though you will automatically stand up eventually. The aforementioned Astera Jerky, while not infallible, is a good way to quickly heal from harm.

Lunastra is often less dangerous at close-range. Her fire breath and tail swipe have (infamously) wide ranges. But sticking to her sides and close to her body makes things a little easier. Just make sure you drink your Cool Drink and avoid stepping in the fire pits she spawns on the ground. These will eat away at your hit points deceptively fast, and you might find yourself getting “one shot” by a standard attack before realizing you were actually at half health.

For your trouble you’ll receive an assortment of Feystones. Some are rarer than others! The Sealed Feystones are what you’re after, though, as they offer only Rarity 10-12 decorations — Level 4 ones at that. It’s a bit like getting tons of Gold Melding Tickets from the Steamworks during seasonal fests.

Happy hunting!


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