MHW Skyward Snipers Event Quest Guide – Downy Crake Layered Armor

It's time to learn how to catch a Grandfather Mantagrell!

MHW has another cutesy cap for your to wear: the Downy Crake layered armor. This item is exactly what it sounds like. It’s one of the puffy, fluffy birds that appears as a rare endemic creature in Monster Hunter World. only you wear it on your head! This layered armor version of the item (pet?) allows you to take it into battle without sacrificing stats or slots. But how do you get it? Read on for our guide to the mission “Skyward Snipers” for all the relevant details!

To begin the quest, just hit up the mission board as usual. You’ll find “Skyward Snipers” under the Master Rank events section for a limited time. Just like other event quests, this is often tied to seasonal festivals. To begin with, you can access this mission until May 7, 2020 — the end of the first Full Bloom Fest. Check the MHW event quest calendar for future updates!

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This isn’t one of the absolute easiest event quests in MHW, but it’s pretty close! Skyward Snipers only requires you to collect five Grandfather Mantagrells from the Coral Highlands. Not sure what that means? Well, you’re probably not alone. The Grandfather Mantagrell doesn’t often come up. It’s one of the endemic creatures available only in this region. And it’s not as immediately visible (or accessible) as something like the common Wiggler.

Grandfather Mantagrells are those floating, wriggling creatures that look like a cross between manta rays and moths. They’re big, flat, airborne bugs! And you can’t just grab them with your Capture Net alone. They’re actually too high up for that. Instead, you need to first knock them out of the sky with your Slinger (consider using the common Redpit as ammo for its extreme range). That will send the creatures plummeting to the ground.

If your aim is true, this will stun the beast and bring it within range of your net for a few seconds. Then it’s just a matter of equipping your Capture Net, aiming, and firing at the animal as if you were using the Slinger a second time. If you’ve never used the net before, don’t worry! It’s always available from the very start of the game. Just cycle through your mid-hunt items and you’ll find it — similar to the Fishing Rod.

Just be careful of one thing! The Capture Net has a pretty long reset animation between uses. If you successfully capture a Grandfather Mantagrell, or any endemic life for that matter, your hunter will hold the bag up with pride for a second before you can fire again. That means you need to be quick between captures — or to stun your prey one at a time so as not to give them time to wake up.

Finally, you can find the Grandfather Mantagrells necessary in sector 11 of the Coral Highlands. Specifically, they float in lazy circles above the Grimalkyne camp where you start the Coral Orchestra quest — at the very farthest point north on the map. If you deplete the zone without collecting all five, just swim back out of the cave in order to give the creatures time to respawn. And be careful! If you shoot these suckers down above the bottomless pit, they will become inaccessible, and you’ll have to make more respawn.

And that’s it! You’ll receive the necessary materials to craft the Downy Crake layered armor in no time. Good hunting, hunters!


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