MHW Old Dog, New Trick Event Quest – Silver and Gold Melding Ticket

Get in on the Gold Melding Ticket farm while it's hot!

As Capcom brings back old seasonal fests in MHW, “Old Dog, New Trick” is one of two brand-new event quests you need to play. It’s an ultra time-limited mission with one hefty reward: Silver and Gold Melding Tickets. These useful items allow one to farm high-level decorations at the Elder Melder. Normally, one Gold Melding Ticket is available every 24 hours from the Steamworks mini-game during seasonal fests. But now (for a short time) you can farm them. What does that mean? Let’s take a look! It’s time to get yourself some Silver and Gold Melding Tickets from Old Dog, New Trick in Monster Hunter World.

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mhw old dog new trick

Unlike other event quests, like “Fetching Light Pearls,” this battle requires some real combat. And it’s a whole lot trickier than “Camoflawed” or even “Don’t Forget the Earplugs!” — some other relatively new missions. You need to do battle with a Frostfang Barioth. The event quest is accompanied by “Mew Are Number One!” (another highly lucrative activity with a short shelf life).

And I just mean a Frostfang Barioth. Unlike its introductory quest, “The Last White Knight,” this does not feature a Tempered version of the monster. That doesn’t mean it’s not a threat, however! Frostfang Barioth packs a punch as an aggressive creature with ranged ice attacks. Pack an Iceproof Mantle to reduce damage. And make sure to watch out for the ice fields it deploys. Similar to Velkhana, these can freeze your hunter more-or-less in place for a short time, causing them to drag their heels through the snow until they’re free.

Nullberries, a Cleanser Booster, and/or your Health Booster can also help a great deal here. Partbreaker — the skill which increases part damage you to do monsters — is also helpful. Just like its traditional variant, Frostfang Barioth becomes more vulnerable if you destroy its front claws and large tusks.

This mission also takes place in the normal arena. That means, even more than usual, you should make sure to eat before departing. There is no canteen to visit in the normal arena — meaning once you’re locked in, that’s it. The same goes for preparing your specific loadout. You can still grab mid-mission items, like First Aid Meds, sure. But your own item box will be completely unavailable. Consider bringing extra crafting materials or even a Farcaster to regroup. Yeah… It’s a little annoying!

Once you’re in, however, it’s easy to land mounting attacks using the tiny ledge at the front of the arena. Farther into the room, you can also slide down to enter a jump and mount that way. For Clutch Claw attacks, gather Slinger ammo from the stone piles to the left and right sides of the arena (right near where you enter).

So what’s all this for? Well, you get nearly guaranteed Silver Melding Tickets and Gold Melding Tickets from the quest rewards! You can exchange a Gold Melding Ticket at the Elder Melder for a random Level 4 Decoration. Whereas each Silver Melding Ticket has a high chance of being a rare Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Decoration.

Best of luck as you farm your way through Old Dog, New Trick! It’s a highly time sensitive operation. Not to mention we don’t know if Capcom will bring this one back again. Make sure you hop in quick!


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