MHW Ode to the Destruction Event Quest – Great Spiritvein Gem Farm

The easiest way to farm Great Spirtvein Gems is finally here.

“Ode to the Destruction” is an oddly named MHW event quest, but one that players should absolutely check out. The mission pits you against a Tempered Ruiner Nergigante. That in and of itself isn’t too special. However, the battle has a couple wrinkles that make it worth investigating. The most important being that it’s basically the best Great Spiritvein Gem farm opportunity in Monster Hunter history.

Normally, to acquire even one Great Spiritvein Gem, you need to head to the Guiding Lands. There you can rank up locales until one reaches Level 7. Once it does, Tempered Elder Dragons (as well as a select few dangerous monsters) will begin to spawn. Knocking them into walls, breaking their parts, and ultimately defeating them all carry a chance of dropping a Great Spiritvein Gem. Though the odds are exceptionally low. In Ode to the Destruction, the aforementioned MHW event quest, you’re basically guaranteed one to a handful of the precious stones. Plus you don’t do much actual “hunting.” Let’s take a look at why!

You must be Master Rank 100 to participate in this event quest, by the way.

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This is a very simple mission. It sends you to a unique area mostly only found in the Iceborne campaign. This is Origin Isle: a circular arena with just one zone and plenty of walls to slam monsters into via the Clutch Claw. It’s where you have the “fake” fight with Ruiner Nergigante before defeating Shara Ishvalda in the story mode. But now you can slay the variant here for real!

There isn’t much else to know about Origin Isle or Ode to the Destruction. There’s a convenient ledge you can leap from to perform mounting attacks. The rounded walls make for perfect Clutch Claw maneuvers, too. And there’s a stockpile of Stone as well as Crystalburst to use for ammo. One danger is the lack of an escape route; there is no normal way back to camp on Origin Isle. So you better bring a Farcaster just in case you need to resupply.

Then there’s Ruiner Nergigante itself. Sure, it’s a Tempered form, but it’s not all that much tougher than its usual self. Not to mention Ruiner Nergigante is far from the hardest Elder Dragon in MHW. It features no elemental attacks to speak of, which opens up your options for armor and Mantle choices considerably. Though it can inflict Bleed — a status ailment best cured by Astera Jerky. This cannot be crafted in the field, so that Farcaster I mentioned earlier will help you restock if necessary. Bleed is typically inflicted when the dragon sticks its claw into the ground and fires its thorns forward.

Ruiner Nergigante can also harden its body with those black thorns that make it difficult to damage. Hunter builds that prioritize sharpness are a great help. Softening its hide with the Clutch Claw also makes a difference. The “natural” Mind’s Eye applied to Insect Glaives (while you’re airborne) and Hunting Horns (under the effect of Self-Improvement) can also help. Gunlance shells also deal fixed damage, making them another great weapon choice.

For completing Ode to the Destruction you’ll receive Great Spiritvein Gems (and sometimes just Spiritvein Gems or Spiritvein Gem Shards). These are crucial items for augmenting Rarity 12 gear. They remove the level cap on Rarity 12 armor, and increase the augmentation limit on Rarity 12 weapons. They’re also used in a handful of Charm upgrades — like Attack Charm V.

Thanks to the missions zippy pace and guaranteed target, this is basically the best way to farm Great Spiritvein Gems in MHW. That’s assuming the event is up, of course, as it usually is during seasonal fests. Always make sure to check the Master Rank event schedule if you need some.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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