MHW Muscle Monkey Madness Event Quest Guide – Buff Body Armor

Stop, clobber an ape, and glisten.

“Muscle Monkey Madness” is one of the most daunting event quests in MHW. It pits you against two Rajangs — the ultra powerful, Super Saiyan gorillas — in a single hunt. The reward can be worth it, though! For completing the mission, you’ll be awarded at least one Buff Ticket: an item used to craft the hotly anticipated Buff Body armor set in Monster Hunter World. But what’s the best way to conquer the event quest? And what does the Buff Body set actually entail (and how do you best make use of it)? Learn about all this and more in our latest guide to the Muscle Monkey Madness event quest in MHW!

Note: Muscle Monkey Madness is an event quest. That means it’s only available during limited windows of time! This usually means during seasonal events, like the Grand Appreciation Fest, but can also happen at unexpected times. Check the MHW event quest calendar for up-to-date availability.

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The first thing to note about Muscle Monkey Madness is the targets. You’re hunting two Rajang at the same time. Just one of the angry apes is enough to wreck an unprepared team. That means you need to remember the basics! The only notable Rajang weakness is Ice (and a little bit of Blast). If you don’t have a solid Ice damage weapon in your arsenal, and don’t want to make one, it’s often better to focus on raw damage instead. The Guild Palace weapons aren’t too shabby for this! You can get them from the “50 Shades of White” event quest, and upgrade them with Hero King Coins from Arena Counter missions.

Rajang also does incredible physical damage — particularly in its “rage mode.” This form acts as a second level of enraged state, which makes Rajang less susceptible to damage and even more aggressive. You can force it out of this state by attacking its tail. However, you should also use the Clutch Claw to soften its arms. They become nearly impossible to damage during the rage state otherwise.

Another notable thing about Rajang, particularly during this fight, is that the two monkeys can and will damage each other. That makes it often more useful to keep them near each other, rather than separated with the arena fence. Raising the fence also risks separating fellow players by accident (if you play co-op). We don’t recommended trying to separate them unless you’re playing with friends who all agree ahead of time. Bring a Farcaster, too, just in case.

Last but not least: the Clutch Claw slam attack can also be used to make both Rajangs charge into each other. This actually works with any two large monsters in MHW. Rather than slam them into walls, you can knock their heads together for twice the damage. It’s not easy to pull off, but feels great when you do!

mhw buff body

Buff Body Armor MHW – Muscle Monkey Madness Reward

Now let’s look at the armor. Or rather, let’s look at the… lack of armor. The Buff Body set is unique in MHW. It actually removes clothing from your hunter, leaving them in underwear unique from their usual set. Even the smithing animation just produces several protein shakes (presumably for your hunter to drink). “Wearing” the Buff Body Alpha set also leaves a sweaty, glistening sheen on any exposed bare skin.

That’s right; this is an Alpha set. That means the gem slots aren’t particularly great. The skills themselves, however, aren’t too shabby. They mostly focus on offense, with many levels of Heroics, Attack Boost, and Agitator rounding out Fortify. It’s basically a four-piece set designed to make you hit harder, especially as you die and take damage. There is no helmet to construct, however.

Another strange facet of the Buff Body armor is that, despite looking like… human skin, you still color it the same way as normal armor. This can be confusing at first. When you first craft the set, it will take on whatever hue you had set for your armor ahead of time. That means you might look like a strange, blue alien with a normal face, or suddenly have a pale complexion — but only from the neck down. To rectify this, just set your armor color to match your face.

There is no layered armor version of the Buff Body armor at the time of this writing. But we’d be shocked if one doesn’t come down the line (maybe as the reward for an Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon). We’ll be sure to keep you updated if we learn more! Until then, though, just farm yourself four Buff Tickets and grab the set. You can always take some screenshots back at base to enjoy the new, more muscular you going forward.


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