MHW Mew Are Number One! Event Quest – Great Spiritvein Gem Farm

Number one isn't as important as number 100 if you want to start your Great Spiritvein Gem farm.

Capcom slipped some surprises into its fest rush in MHW; “Mew are Number One!” is one of two brand-new event quests you really ought to play. It’s an ultra time-limited mission with one hefty reward: Great Spiritvein Gems. These incredibly rare crafting materials used to augment Rarity 12 gear. Normally, you can only get a Great Spiritvein Gem from Tempered Elder Dragons and a few select creatures in the Guiding Lands. But now (for an exceedingly short time) you can farm them in an event. What does that mean? Let’s take a look! It’s time to get yourself some some endgame upgrades in Mew are Number One! in Monster Hunter World.

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Unlike much easier event quests, like “Fetching Light Pearls,” this battle requires some real combat. And it’s a whole lot trickier than “Camoflawed” or even “Don’t Forget the Earplugs!” — some other relatively new missions. You need to do battle with a Furious Rajang. This is a DLC monster introduced alongside Raging Brachydios. And it’s no joke! The event quest is accompanied by “Old Dog, New Trick” (another highly lucrative activity with a short shelf life).

Furious Rajang deploys many more Thunder attacks than its standard counterpart. It fires balls and streaks of lightning into the ground, which explode after a short delay, in addition to the usual laser beam of lightning it can project from its mouth. It’s also missing the tail seen on normal Rajangs. That eliminates the usual weak spot you can cut up to shorten its rage state. That’s a problem, of course, because when the angry ape glows red (visible on its beefy arms) it takes reduced damage on its front limbs and deflects attacks more frequently.

You can soften its arms with the Clutch Claw, sure… The only issue is that Furious Rajang can pluck you off itself and scream lightning into your face. It’s not pretty! You need to be very selective about softening it with Clutch Claw attacks (such as when it’s stunned or firing its special beam).

The kicker here is the Master Rank requirement. You must be MR 100 to do battle with this Furious Rajang for your Great Spiritvein Gem farm. That’s no mean feat — even for serious players. On the bright side, the “fest rush” is going on right now. That means other event quests (many of which provide bonus Master Rank) are available, as well. And Mew are Number One! is a great excuse to finally grind your way to the milestone.

Nullberries, a Cleanser Booster, and/or your Health Booster help a great deal here. Partbreaker — the skill which increases part damage you to do monsters — is also helpful. Permanently breaking its horns and arms will make Furious Rajang easier to damage throughout the fight. A Thunderproof Mantle wouldn’t go amiss, either. Furious Rajang relies heavily on its elemental damage. Reducing said blows and

This mission also takes place in the normal arena. That means, even more than usual, you should make sure to eat before departing. There is no canteen to visit in the normal arena — meaning once you’re locked in, that’s it. The same goes for preparing your specific loadout. You can still grab mid-mission items, like First Aid Meds, sure. But your own item box will be completely unavailable. Consider bringing extra crafting materials or even a Farcaster to regroup. Yeah… It’s a little annoying!

Once you’re in, however, it’s easy to land mounting attacks using the tiny ledge at the front of the arena. Farther into the room, you can also slide down to enter a jump and mount that way. For Clutch Claw attacks, gather Slinger ammo from the stone piles to the left and right sides of the arena (right near where you enter).

So what’s all this for? Well, you get a glut of Great Spiritvein Gems from the quest rewards! These have several uses, but the most important is augmentation. You can use them to unlock the level cap on Rarity 12 armor (the strongest in the game) and to add skills to Rarity 12 weapons.

Best of luck as you farm your way through Old Dog, New Trick! It’s a highly time sensitive operation. Not to mention we don’t know if Capcom will bring this one back again. Make sure you hop in quick!


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