MHW In the Tempest’s Wake Event Quest – Sealed Feystone Farm

Add another Level 4 decoration or 20 to your collection... if you don't mind Kushala Daora.

“In the Tempest’s Wake” is the latest MHW event quest to challenge players with a Tempered Elder Dragon! That’s actually great news! The mission will provide Sealed Feystones: extremely rare items that “decode” into rare decorations at the end of every mission. Not to mention this is the first non-story mission to take place in the unique Seliana Supply Cache map. Finally, players can tool around the arena and use its gatling gun for more Monster Hunter fun.

There are just two catches… The first is that In The Tempest’s Wake is only available for one week. It’s actually the first of three new events set in the Seliana Supply Cache. Each of these pits you against a single monster in the battlefield for a limited time. The other wrinkle is that the debut Elder Dragon is a Tempered Kushala Daora. That’s right! This one is sure to be a huge pain. Make sure to bring Sticky Ammo or a Hunting Horn with the right songs when you face In the Tempest’s Wake in MHW.

You must be Master Rank 100 to participate in this event quest, by the way!

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The basics of this mission aren’t too tough to grasp. It’s in a small arena with no place for Kushala Daora to retreat. That means no hunting around, collecting tracks, or getting locked out of areas with tornadoes. On the downside, it also means you can’t Mega Barrel Bomb the steely beast to hell (without using Sleep damage anyway). And since you can’t capture Elder Dragons, the only requirement is to kill the creature without running out of lives.

The upside is this also takes place in the Seliana Supply Cache. That’s more than just a unique locale. It also comes with special tools! Similar to the rocks and Dragonator in the Special Arena, this zone has a mounted turret you can fire for extra damage, as well as the powerful Dragonrazer.

Kushala Daora isn’t the hardest Elder Dragon in MHW, but it might just be the most annoying. It can summon tornadoes and bursts of wind that knock players back and damage them. Getting stunned is common without the proper resistance skills. As is getting knocked flat on your back while your character reels from wind pressure. Make sure to stay on the ground and look around before blindly standing up. It’s very easy to get blasted in the wake up animation if you scramble.

Kushala Daora doesn’t deal any true elemental damage. So you’re free to use the Temporal Mantle or Rocksteady Mantle instead. A Palico with the Coral Orchestra gadget is also mighty useful. They can play a “negate stun drumbeat” that saves you from, well, getting stunned. That frees up some equipment slots for better stuff. It’s highest elemental weakness is Thunder. Whereas Poison is an effective ailment. Poison also negates some of the Elder Dragon’s most annoying abilities — namely its wind aura that pushes melee players away.

Really, though, the best defense and offense against Kushala Daora is a Hunting Horn. Bring one (or grab a friend) that has the melody All Wind Pressure Negated. This cancels the knockback from the wind aura and even affects the dragon during its enraged state. It’s really just a tremendous pain otherwise!

That’s especially true when dealing with a Tempered Master Rank monster. Normally, one of the best strategies against Kushala Daora is just using Flash Bombs to send it crashing to the ground. But Master Rank and Tempered monsters gain resistance to flashes over multiple uses.

The set bonus from Kushala Daora gear will also grant protection from the beast. And since the non-Tempered version is much easier to fight, it shouldn’t be too hard to craft ahead of time. That said, the gear isn’t amazing. So grabbing a Hunting Horn if you can saves an entire team of four the bonus without interfering with your builds. That’s if you know how to play that particular weapon, of course, as it’s the least-used option in the game.

For your trouble you’ll receive an assortment of Feystones. The Sealed Feystones are what you’re after, though, as they offer only Rarity 10-12 decorations — Level 4 ones at that. It’s a bit like getting tons of Gold Melding Tickets from the Steamworks during seasonal fests.

Happy hunting!


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