MHW Day of Ruin Event Quest – Sealed Feystone Farm

Tempered Teostra might be one of the easiest ways to farm your Level 4 Decorations.

“Day of Ruin” is the next MHW event quest to challenge players with a Tempered Elder Dragon on the path to Fatalis. That’s actually great news! The mission is a great place for Sealed Feystones farming. These are very rare items that transform into rare decorations at the end of a mission. Day of Ruin also takes place inside the Seliana Supply Cache map, like “In the Tempest’s Wake” before it. Now players can tool around the arena and use its gatling gun for more Monster Hunter fun. At least for a couple weeks!

There are just two catches… The first is that Day of Ruin is only available for one week. It’s the second of three new events set in the Seliana Supply Cache. Each of which pits you against a single monster in the small battlefield for a limited time. The other wrinkle is that the debut Elder Dragon is a Tempered Teostra. It’s a pretty beefy opponent, to be sure, but far from the toughest of its ilk in the game.

You must be Master Rank 100 to participate in this event quest, by the way!

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The basics of this mission aren’t too tough to grasp. It’s in a small arena with no place for Teostra to retreat. That means no hunting around, collecting tracks, or relying on Scoutflies. On the downside, it also means you can’t Mega Barrel Bomb the fiery beast to hell (without using Sleep damage anyway). And since you can’t capture Elder Dragons, the only requirement is to kill the creature without running out of lives.

The upside is this also takes place in the Seliana Supply Cache. That’s more than just a unique locale. It also comes with special tools! Similar to the rocks and Dragonator in the Special Arena, this zone has a mounted turret you can fire for extra damage, as well as the powerful Dragonrazer.

Teostra is arguably one of the easier Master Rank Elder Dragons. It deals Fire and Blast Damage — both of which can be mitigated with a Fireproof Mantle. Its ultimate ability sees it fly into the air and explode, dealing massive damage to all nearby. You can avoid it pretty easily. The “Superman Dive” technique works wonders here. Otherwise a Farcaster or just blocking will also save you some trouble.

Master Rank Teostra does introduce a new move, though. It can fire a “mini-nova” that explodes at a single player’s location. All the previous means of evasion still work, however, and this move does less damage in a smaller radius.

Even Tempered, Teostra is far and away easier than its female counterpart, Lunastra. It’s also less annoying than Kushala Daora or Blackveil Vaal Hazak. Blastblight and burning can be countered by rolling on the ground three times. That can drain your stamina a bit, but it’s not the end of the world. Nullberries still don’t hurt. Neither does Astera Jerky in case you need to heal some of your red health.

Armor, Hunting Horns, or skills that provide Wind Pressure Negated can also protect you against buffeting fire attacks. Though it’s not as essential as it is against Lunastra. Earplugs can provide a bit of extra damage and defense, however, since Teostra likes to roar a good bit.

Teostra is weak to Ice and Water damage. Thankfully, the former is easy to come by in Iceborne, as there is an assortment of readily available Ice monsters to farm. Water damage is also interesting here. For whatever reason, Capcom tends to make Water elemental weapons more powerful than its counterparts. Building Water elemental weapons is a good investment for this fight. As is farming Kulve Taroth for Kjarr variants.

For your trouble you’ll receive an assortment of Feystones. Some are rarer than others! The Sealed Feystones are what you’re after, though, as they offer only Rarity 10-12 decorations — Level 4 ones at that. It’s a bit like getting tons of Gold Melding Tickets from the Steamworks during seasonal fests.

Happy hunting!