MHW Brand New Brute Event Quest Guide – True Armor Sphere

Do you hate Brute Tigrex as much as the numbers say you do?

The brand new MHW “Brand New Brute” event quest celebrates an infamous monster with the chance to farm the new True Armor Sphere. It’s the spiritual successor to “The Name’s Lavasioth”: a once extremely short-lived mission where players could fight the least popular creature in Monster Hunter of the era. That is to say, we now know Brute Tigrex is the least slayed monster in the game’s Iceborne expansion. Following the strange legacy of Lavasioth, you will be able to collect armor spheres while juking the roaring, slithering reptile. The event quest will create “shiny” drops that produce unique new items. The downside is that Brute Tigrex is no slouch even in the wild. And if Brand New Brute is anything like the Lavasioth fight, there’s some secret strength under the hood of this battle.

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Note: In MHW, Brand New Brute begins for the first time on Oct. 22, 2020 as part of the Fun Fright Fest. It begins just a week after “A Farewell to Zinogre” and will likely end one week later. After which you should consult the event quest calendar for further details.

During The Name’s Lavasioth, the monster would drop Feystones directly onto the ground, allowing hunters to gather items without much fighting. Dataminers revealed early on that Brute Tigrex works very differently. It sheds armor spheres — specifically the new True Armor Sphere that is stronger even than the King Armor Sphere before it — which can be used to upgrade your armor. During the Fun Fright Fest in particular you can also get King Armor Spheres like mad, especially you if you played A Farewell to Zinogre for Giant Dragonvein Coal.

You also get the very fun Brute Tigrex Ticket. This is a cosmetic crafting item used in several Master Rank layered armor sets. These include: the Sealed Dragoncloth, Buff Body Alpha+ (which is separate from the Buff Body Gamma+ set), Claire+, and the Duffel Penguin piece.

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Either way, the mission should provide some rare (exclusive, in fact) items at the end. That means you might want to actually hunt Brute Tigrex anyway. Once again, though, don’t expect this to be an easy fight. Lavasioth before it received an “invisible” stat boost that made it even tougher than a Tempered variant. Zinogre got the same treatment before it. Either way, Brute Tigrex is a massive to begin with, so be ready!

The obvious way to prepare is by using Earplugs. The supplemental skill often gets overlooked in MHW, in favor of fancier abilities, like extra damage. But it makes a world of difference against Brute Tigrex. The beast loves to roar — stunning you in place while it sidles up and slaps you around. Luckily, the Fun Fright Fest also introduced us to Arch-Tempered Velkhana, which drops the elusive Velkhana Ticket. If you can best that endgame monster at least once, consider putting its crafting material toward the newly available Earplugs Charm 5. That takes some of the sting out of using this defensive skill.

After beating Brute Tigrex (and claiming your prizes off the ground) you’ll receive even more Armor Spheres. Some of which will be very rare — and should include at least one True Armor Sphere that you’re after. You may end up running this mission many times to completely upgrade all your favorite sets.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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