Bonk Along to Your Own Beat With the Best Hammer in Monster Hunter World

Bringing down the hammer.

At this point in MHW, the best Hammer shouldn’t surprise too many folks. While the weapon type is deceptively tricky to use in combat, the actual stats a good one requires aren’t too complex. You just wanna bonk all day long. And Monster Hunter World, particularly after its Iceborne expansion and subsequent updates, gives you all sorts of amazing options to do just that. Lets go over some of our favorites in our guide to the best MHW Hammer! Just keep in mind that the meta is always changing, thanks to the regular introduction of new monsters, so keep an eye out for new updates in the future.

Note: This guide references weapons only attainable by fighting the limited-time monster known as Safi’Jiva. Awakened Weapons are the randomized drops that you get at the end of any Safi’Jiva siege. Whereas Xeno + weapons are built normally, along the Xeno’Jiva tree, using parts from both Xeno’Jiva and Safi’Jiva to reach the highest level of upgrade.

To determine when Safi’Jiva is available on your system, please head to the official MHW event calendar for consoles right here. Steam players can find their own event calendar at this link instead.

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Lightbreak Hammer (Raging Brachydios)

If this comes as a surprise, you haven’t been paying attention. Raging Brachydios shook the meta like the living earthquake he is when the bony boxer got added to MHW. And the Lightbreak Hammer is arguably the best in the game as a result, even after Master Rank Kulve Taroth joined the fray. It’s functionally almost identical to Safi’s Shattercrusher (the Blast-based Safi’Jiva Hammer). Though it technically wins out with a sliver more damage, you won’t find much different about it in actual play, with the right set.

The major advantages to the Lightbreak Hammer is accessibility and flexibility. Raging Brachydios is way easier to farm than Safi’Jiva — the latter of which this writer will tell you is often more of a pain than it’s worth these days. Farming Safi’Jiva means farming Dracolite and rolling for Awakened Skills. You also lose out on Decoration flexibility, since the most “powerful” Safi’s Shattercrusher requires two levels of Sharpness V, two levels of Attack V, and one level of Attack VI.

The TL;DR is that the Lightbreak Hammer is (minimally) better than the Shattercrusher, easier to farm, and has juicy slots for your Decorations. Plus it looks cool! The Raging Brachydios Hammer is gorgeous and a classic from the olden days of Monster Hunter at this point.

Safi’s Dreamcrusher (Safi’Jiva)

Okay. There’s one area where the Lightbreak weapons fail compared to Safi’Jiva. Their elemental and status effects are locked to Blast. That’s usually fine, since Blast kicks ass in MHW, but maybe you want something a little different? Sleep is a fine status effect for slower weapons light the Greatsword. And while the Hammer is notably faster than its cutting counterpart, its laughably short reach and powerful wind-up attacks both benefit from a sleepy lizard.

You could also go for paralysis, but this is a blunt weapon. That means it builds up stuns on attacks against a monster’s head (and exhaust on anything other than an Elder Dragon). Paralysis doesn’t play nice with stuns. Most crowd control (monster control?) effects, like flinches and stuns, are wasted if they trigger while a beast is locked up that way. Whereas sleep gives you an opening with less risk. Hence Safi’s Dreamcrusher.

This makes the Hammer into a useful support weapon (assuming your allies don’t wake daddy). It comes with natural Flinch Free for multiplayer thanks to Power Charge: the move that makes your Hammer wielder glow red. Combine that with something like Recovery Up and two pieces of Blackveil Vaal Hazak gear to get quick regenerating health that passively makes up for the Hammer’s lack of defensive options.


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