MHW 50 Shades of White Event Quest Guide – Guild Palace Weapons

Get yourself a Fest Ticket (or 20) and unlock the Guild Palace gear in Monster Hunter!

The MHW “50 Shades of White” event is one of the latest new missions included with the Grand Appreciation Fest. It provides special material rewards — those oh-so-handy items that let you craft unique weapons and armor at the Smithy. Some of these are quite useful! Some of them are just to complement your fashion sense. But die hard Monster Hunter World players will want to get them all to complete their collection. If that sounds like you, you really want to get a head start on “50 Shades of White” immediately. It’s going to take quite a lot of grinding to complete your collection this time around. Let’s take a look at why in our MHW “50 Shades of White” quest guide (and learn all about Guild Palace weapons in the process).

To begin the quest, just hit up the mission board as usual. You’ll find “50 Shades of White” under the events section for a limited time. Just like other event quests, this is often tied to seasonal festivals. To begin, you can access this mission until Feb. 13, 2020. Check the MHW event quest calendar for future updates!

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“50 Shades of White” itself is also extremely straightforward. It’s a simple arena mission (not to be confused with the Special Arena) where you and up to three other hunters need to hunt a single Barioth. That’s it! Completing the mission will net you at least one aptly named Fest Ticket. However, you need two Fest Tickets to unlock a single Guild Palace weapon, and there are 14 weapons in total. That means you need at least 28 Fest Tickets to complete the base set.

I probably don’t need to tell you that’s a lot! Thankfully, with the Grand Appreciation Fest going on, you can also burn a Lucky Voucher to increase the odds of dropping more tickets. Remember: you get three Lucky Vouchers per day during the Grand Appreciation Fest.

That’s not all, though. Anyone familiar with the Guild Cross armor in MHW probably knows what’s coming next… The Guild Palace weapons begin as Rarity 10 versions and can each be upgraded once to unlock their true, Rarity 12 potential. However, you can’t just play “50 Shades of White” over and over again in order to get the necessary upgrade materials. You’re going to need Master Rank Arena Coins.

Specifically, you’re going to need Hero King Coins. These are only available from MHW Arena Quests — which are accessible in either Gathering Hub from the Arena Counter. Both “Arena Master Quest 06” and “Arena Master Quest 07” can provide you with one or more Hero King Coins! Although you’ll need to use preset weapons and gear, just like with every other Arena Quest.

The upside is that you get some incredibly snazzy weapons for your trouble. Guild Palace gear has very solid raw damage and hidden Water elemental damage. In terms of stats, they’re still not as powerful as Safi’Jiva gear (thanks to those weapons’ incredible custom upgrades). But, at least at launch, they’re very good for PC players that can’t access the Safi’Jiva siege at the time of this writing.

Besides that, the Guild Palace weapons also look amazing. Fashionable players might want to complete “50 Shades of White” in MHW just for the opportunity to pose with the gilded gear. Whatever you’re after, enjoy your new event equipment!