Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Level Scaling Guide – Legendary or Classic Mode

One of the first decisions you make when starting up the new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is your basic settings. You may remember some of these. You’ll need to decide how difficult you want combat to be, whether you and your companions auto-level up, how your squad uses their abilities. There’s also a new option here though: Level Scaling. In this guide, we’ll explain what these two different options do and recommend one for you to pick.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Level Scaling

This setting seems more complicated than it actually is, to be honest. In Classic Mode, you’ll experience Mass Effect 1 as it was originally. Since the game was designed around New Game Plus, you were heavily encouraged to play through it again. Because of this, it was only possible to get to around level 50 in a single playthrough. If you wanted to reach the level cap of 60, you needed to go through New Game Plus. If that is not something that interests you, we recommend choosing Legendary Mode.

In classic mode, the original 1-60 level range will be used instead of the new 1-30 level range. XP and talent points progression remains the same, but the number of levels is doubled.

In Legendary Mode you can expect to level up less frequently, but with more talent points each time you do. Since the game is compressing 60 levels down into 30, there are wider gaps between them but they come with bigger power spikes. Keep in mind this may cause some problems when it comes to using talent points to boost your Charm or Intimidate so you can save a certain someone on Virmire.

It’s worth noting that you can actually swap between the leveling modes at any given time. The game will automatically adjust your current rank to the appropriate rank on the other system. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us, but at least you aren’t locked into your decision forever. Feel free to experiment and switch between the two to see what you like best.

The entire system is likely an attempt to bring Mass Effect 1 in line with the other two titles in the trilogy. Both of them feature a level cap of 30 and it makes more sense to have that be consistent across the entire experience. Either way, the choice should only affect the first title and everything from Mass Effect 2 onward should be the same as you remember it.

Just try to keep in mind that Mass Effect 3′s Galactic Readiness system has also been overhauled. Especially if you’re jumping straight into the final game in the trilogy. Since there’s no more cooperative multiplayer, BioWare had to come up with a new system to judge how ready you were for the final battle with the reapers.


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