Mario Kart Tour Pipes Guide – How to Take Out Pipes

In Mario Kart Tour, there are a lot of challenges to complete, and these challenges can award extra Grand Stars or even Rubies to help you unlock more content. The challenges can vary in difficulty, or have specific requirements that need to be met that aren’t always clear.

One of the more confusing challenges to complete in Mario Kart Tour asks you to take out three pipes. Our Mario Kart Tour Pipes guide will tell you how to take out pipes during your races!

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Where to Find Pipes

Before you can start taking out the pipes, you need to know which tracks actually have pipes in them. At this time, only Mario Circuit courses have pipes in them that are able to be taken out. While the Yoshi Circuit also has pipes, the Piranha Plants inside prevent them from being taken out for the purposes of this challenge.

Every version of the Mario Circuit has pipes on the race track that you can take out, but some versions them are easier to deal with than others. The T version of the track often has you up in the air and may seem like a bad choice for this challenge, but at the end of the lap, there will always be four pipes that help boost those in the air. If you skip the last jump and remain on the ground, it’s easier to aim for those pipes than the pipes on other Mario Circuits, as they tend to be random.

Still, it may be better to pick another Mario Circuit type over the T version if you have a favored driver for one of the other courses. More on that below.

Taking Out Three Pipes

Now that you know where to go, you actually need to take out the pipes themselves. You can’t simply run into them. As obstacles, they’ll just stop you from moving forward. Instead, you need to knock them off the track with an item, although not every item works.

Shells won’t work, they too will ricochet off the pipe and if you’re unlucky, right back into you. In fact, this challenge is a lot easier if you have a favored driver for the course you’re running, and you’re losing.

If you have a driver on one of their favored courses, they’ll have three item slots available to them. Not only does that increase the chance of getting an item that can take out the pipes, but also gives you a chance to enter Item Frenzy. For the purposes of this challenge, entering an Item Frenzy gives you Star-like invincibility, and if you run into anything at all, you’ll knock it away. That includes pipes!

However, getting an Item Frenzy isn’t always reliable, so you may be stuck using some of these normal items instead:

  • Bob-omb – If a pipe is caught in the Bob-omb’s blast, it’ll get knocked out the track and count. However, the Bob-Omb doesn’t actually explode if you hit the pipe, so you need to hope it doesn’t wander too far off before blowing up.
  • Super Horn – If you have the Super Horn and the shockwave touches a pipe, it’ll go flying! You’ll probably only be able to get one pipe this way, but it’ll work.
  • Mega Mushroom – Besides the Item Frenzy, this is the best item to knock obstacles off the track. As a giant, all you need to do is run over the pipes for the challenge. You can even get all three at once, if you’re lucky. Just don’t let someone hit you with a shell.
  • Bullet Bill – Bullet Bills will also knock anything it runs into out of the way, but you can’t really control it much, so it’s only good for pipes near the middle of the track.

You’ll have an increased chance of getting these items if you’re running towards the back of the pack. You’ll also have an increased chance to get an Item Frenzy if you’ve fallen behind. So generally, you won’t want to be winning these matches, as chances are you getting the item you need will be better the more you’re losing.

To achieve that, pick the highest speed race you have available, either 150cc or 200cc if you have the Gold Pass. Make sure to whiff the starting boost, and you’ll fall behind in no time flat. These items will help you regain those lost positions, even inadvertently, but some poor steering can get you to the back of the pack again in short order.

Similar Challenges

These same tricks can be used with any challenge that requires you to knock out track obstacles. The only difference is the track you’ll have to race on to complete the challenge. For example, taking out five sheep can be done in the game way as taking out three pipes. You just need to go to Daisy Hills where the sheep are instead of Mario Circuit.


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