Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush Guide – How to Play Coin Rush and Rewards

When playing through Mario Kart Tour, you’ll notice a rotating shop of drivers, karts, and gliders in the shop that cost coins to buy. Unlike Rubies, coins are not a premium currency, so it’s attractive to spend coins within this shop to fill out your character and item lists.

However, you’ll find that oftentimes, you’ll be running low on coins. The best way to rectify that is to try the Coin Rush mode! Learn more in our Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush guide.

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How to Start Mario Kart Tour Coin Rush

The Coin Rush game mode isn’t exactly easy to find at first, though. On the main menu, you’ll be able to see your total coin count. Click on the + symbol next to the total to learn more about Coin Rush.

Coin Rush lets you play as Gold Mario on a track dedicated solely to collecting coins. There are no other drivers to look out for, so all you need to do is drive and get some coins.

Gold Mario has the advantage of not even having to drive over the coins directly to even pick them up. Nearby coins will be drawn to him as you race across the track. Generally, it’s best to stay in the middle to maximize your coin profit.

There are also Red and Blue Coins on the track, which counts for more coins than a normal Gold Coin. The Red and Blue Coins are in the middle of the track usually, so it really pays to drive well.

Costs for Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour

As expected, though, running the Coin Rush is not free in Mario Kart Tour. The Coin Rush costs Rubies to race in, and the more Rubies you spend, the higher multiplier you’ll get at the end of your run.

The Ruby costs and multipliers are:

  • 5 Rubies – 2x multiplier
  • 15 Rubies – 6x multiplier
  • 25 Rubies – 10x multiplier

You can also use a Coin Rush ticket in order to run the track without spending Rubies. However, at this time there is no way to get one of these tickets–not even the Gold Pass for this tour has a Coin Rush ticket available in it.

With over 300 coins on the track, the 10x multiplier basically guarantees 3,000 coins, provided you don’t completely mess up driving on the track.

It’s hard to tell if it’s worth it, however. 25 Rubies is halfway to a 10 pull from the pipes. While you can get over 3,000 coins from a 10x multiplier, shop items can sometimes be expensive and 3,000 coins does not guarantee the ability to buy what you want in the shop. With Nintendo giving out Rubies very stingily in Mario Kart Tour, it’s hard to tell if a Coin Rush is worth it. A lot of that depends on what you’re looking for.

What to use coins on in Mario Kart Tour

Coins in Mario Kart Tour are mainly used in the game’s shop. There is a shop that refreshes daily that allows you to buy drivers, karts, and gliders. The shop can help take the randomization of Mario Kart Tour, so if you’re missing something, in particular, you can buy it when it’s in the shop. This shop refreshes every 24 hours, so while there will always be something new to buy, when something you want shows up, you’ll be pressured into using the Coin Rush to have enough to buy it.

The coin shop has three different tiers to it. The first tier is unlocked at the start, and typically has the lowest tier of drivers and kart parts to buy. At level 7, the second shop tier unlocks. The second tier typically (but not always) have Super ranked characters and kart parts to purchase. The third and final tier is unlocked at level 12, and you can sometimes buy High-End items from it.

The ability to choose your character, kart, and glider to buy can definitely be preferable to relying on pipes, but it comes at a cost. While the lower tier characters and parts are pretty cheap, Super tier characters and parts can be several thousand coins, and High-End characters and items can be over 10,000 coins. You can’t get a lot of coins in a short time without using the Coin Rush, so in the end, you’d need to use Rubies anyway.

Basically, you need to decide on whether you want to spend somewhere between 50 and 100 Rubies to get enough coins to buy the High-End character you want when it’s in the shop, or do two 10 pulls from the pipe for twenty items at random. Since duplicates are possible with the pipe pulls, just buying the character or kart part you want is tempting, especially when some challenge events requiring certain characters to complete.


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