Magic Legends Fast Travel Guide – How to Fast Travel in the Beta

The Magic Legends Open Beta has begun, so it’s time to dust off those tomes and planeswalk to your favorite world of choice. Mixing the world of Magic: The Gathering with the action-based combat of Diablo, players will be able to craft their own decks of potent spells to fight against hordes of enemies. While the game hasn’t officially released, any progress you make will be carried over so it’s worth giving this title a try. Unfortunately, getting around the worlds can take a bit of time so you will want to unlock fast traveling as soon as possible. Here’s how this mechanic works and when you can use it.

How to Fast Travel

When you start Magic Legends, fast traveling won’t be unlocked until about 1-2 hours in depending on your difficulty. Once you complete the tutorial and the first mission on Zendikar, you’ll be given a quest by Nissa. Completing this quest will unlock the ability to fast travel to locations you’ve discovered. These areas are marked on your map by glowing diamonds, with fast travel points you haven’t unlocked colored grey. To unlock a fast travel point, simply get within 2-3 feet of it. Doing so will make it glow, giving you access to this fast travel location from now on.

Magic Legends

Once you’ve unlocked some areas to fast travel to, hit TAB to open up the map. If you’re on controller you’ll need to hit Start and then navigate to the map subtab on the left. Bringing up the map will show you five different locations, with only Innistrad, Dominaria, and Zendikar available during the beta. Open up the plane you’re on and then click on the glowing orange diamond near wherever you need to go. You will be given the option to fast travel, instantly teleporting your planeswalker to that point.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to be at a fast travel diamond to use this feature. These only indicate where you can teleport, not where you can initiate fast traveling. Additionally, if someone is on the fast travel point Magic Legends won’t let you select the icon underneath until they move. For whatever reason it won’t prioritize fast traveling over interacting with a player which can be frustrating. I hope this gets fixed in the future, but you may need to wait until they move sometimes.

Finally, fast traveling (or just going through your menus) will not pause the game. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you dispatch all enemies before you start navigating through your menu screens. Some enemies can hit quite hard, so it’s definitely possible that they can kill you before you initiate a fast travel. With all that being said, I actually recommend avoiding fast traveling to start. You can gather resources by killing the enemies and completing public world challenges while exploring. Plus, this breaks up the tedium of just bouncing around, beating missions, and returning to the quest giver.


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