Madden 21 Upgrade Guide – How to Upgrade to PS5 or Xbox Series X

We’ve all heard about various companies support free upgrades from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and PS4 to PS5. Every company, and every video game for that matter, is handling the process differently. Some support it outright, others will only upgrade if you’ve purchased the most expensive version of the game. How will EA and Madden 21 handle the process? That’s what we’re here to break down today! Let’s get into it.

(Ed. Note: EA decided to call this Dual Entitlement which is honestly the worst thing we’ve ever heard. Thanks.)

Madden 21 Upgrade Requirements

For one, you must complete this process before the release of Madden 22. That’s likely sometime in late 2021, so no need to worry about that right now. What you really need is one of the following:

  • A disc copy of the game.
    • Unavailable for the PS5 Digital Console & Xbox Series S.
  • A digital copy and the account associated to it.

With these rules, you can’t just purchase Madden 21, have it added to your account as having been played and then sell it before the new consoles come out. The same goes for the digital copy. You can’t purchase it, play it, and then refund it. You must retain the rights in order to play the game.

How to Upgrade Madden 21

To upgrade, the process largely depends on whether you have a disc copy or a digital copy of the game. Thankfully, it’s super simple and straightforward. Or at least it should be if everything works exactly as EA says it will.

Digital Copy

If you have a digital copy, simply log into your new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X with an account that already has the rights to play Madden 21.

Options Available:

  • Xbox One to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
  • PS4 to PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

Physical Copy

Things are obviously a little more restricted with a physical copy. You’ll need to insert it into your PS5 or Xbox Series X to play it. From what we understand, both consoles will require you to keep the disc in the drive while you play.

This obviously doesn’t work with the two new console editions which don’t come with a disc drive. If you’ve purchased a physical version of the game, but have a new console without a disc drive, you’re out of luck and will need to buy the game again. (Or the other console, but who are we kidding)

Options Available:

  • Xbox One to Xbox Series X
  • PS4 to PS5

What In Game Content Transfers?

Your Ultimate Team binder content and Madden points will transfer over to the new consoles. In essence, you keep your digital purchases. You will not, however, keep all of your progression. Only certain Franchise modes can have their progress imported to the new generation. EA has not specified which modes are supported though the Madden Twitter account posted a graphic which says Ultimate Team, Face of the Franchise, and Franchise modes will carry over.

This appears to be a one-time transfer. EA makes no promises that you’ll be able to keep progression if you decide to swap back to the older consoles. It does say to “check back for information closer to launch” though


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