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Between whistles, there isn’t a sports game with more to keep track of than Madden. In Madden 20, you’re facing players with Superstar X Factor moves, making previously good opponents even tougher. If you’re new to football games or just brushing up your skills, we have guides for you to be the best gridiron juggernaut you can possibly be.

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Why QB Slide?

When we say “slide” in football, we generally mean when the quarterback carries the ball past the line of scrimmage to advance it like a runner, he may slide to give up on the play to secure the yards he’s already picked up. In a real NFL game, the benefits are clear. Quarterbacks are vital players and getting hurt on a big hit is avoidable. In Madden 20, this is also true, but there’s an additional reason you may want to slide.

Quarterbacks are fumbling machines. Getting hit by normal tackles, not even big Hit Stick tackles, makes your QB susceptible to fumbling. Sliding may feel like giving up, but it’s the smart move. A couple things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll want to start your slide a half second before you’re about to make contact with another player. It takes a beat for the animation frame to start.
  • You’ll be marked down at the point you begin to slide, not where the ball is after you slide. If you’re trying to get a first down, a dive, though riskier, might be what you want.

How to QB Slide

When your QB crosses the line of scrimmage, he’ll become a runner. You’ll typically be holding the boost button (R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox) when you cross the line, but if you hit the Dive button (Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox) while holding boost, you’ll dive, not slide.

When not boosting, tap the Dive button to begin a QB slide.

The QB will slow down, tuck the ball, and slide feet first. When the animation frame starts, you should be safe! Fumbles and injuries seem to be extremely unlikely once this starts. The whistle will blow and the play will stop. Don’t be afraid to slide! It’s better to protect your quarterback and the ball than get an extra yard or two unless you’re trying to convert on 4th down.


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