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Lunulata-4b Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

Added in season 17 of Destiny 2, the Lunulata-4b is a Stasis bow that’s the first of its kind. If you’re a fan of the weapon type, then it’s definitely worth picking one up, especially for PVE activities. Here’s our look at the best rolls for the Lunulata-4b.

How to Get Lunulata-4b in Destiny 2

Lunulata-4b is available from world drops and vendor rank-ups. It can also occasionally be purchased from Banshee-44.

Lunulata-4b God Rolls

Lunulata-4b PVE God Roll

  • Polymer String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Steady Hands or Ensemble
  • Headstone

The biggest problem with the Lunulata-4b is its accuracy, so we’re going to try to build into that with some of our perk choices here — specifically, Polymer String and Fiberglass Arrow Shaft. If you’re running the Lunulata-4b, it’s probably because it’s a Stasis bow that can roll Headstone. Unfortunately, the bow doesn’t have a great perk pool in its third slot. None of them are terrible, but none are head-and-shoulders above the rest, either. My pick for most use cases would be Steady Hands, but if you’re bringing it into a high-level PVE situation then Ensemble is probably going to be more reliable. Note that the Lunulata-4b can’t break a Stasis crystal in a single hit, which is kind of a bummer.

Lunulata-4b PVP God Roll

  • Polymer String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Rangefinder
  • Successful Warm-Up

The Lunulata-4b is going to do better in PVE than PVP in Destiny 2, but it has some perks that could make it passable in the Crucible. Rangefinder is a perpetual favorite, and Successful Warm-Up is a great “win more” perk that can help you chain kills. If you like using bows in PVP, it might be worth a shot, but most players will probably prefer the feel of Precision frames rather than the Lightweight Lunulata-4b.

That’s about it for the Lunulata-4b. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.

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