Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gems Guide – Every Gem Location on Floor 3 (Hotel Shops)

As you journey through the haunted halls of Luigi’s Mansion 3 you’ll come across comical amounts of money just laying around. While gold coins and bars are easy enough to locate, the real prize if finding six hidden gems on each floor. One of the first places you visit is the third floor, filled with the hotel’s fanciest shops. Thankfully, you can grab all of these gems right away, without any additional upgrades or abilities.

Here is the location of all six gems on the third floor:

Floor 3 Gem 1

In the Mall Lobby, go to the second floor and head to the area directly adjacent to the Spade Key store. Walk towards the camera until you reach the railing and then go to the left where the grate is slightly open. Use Luigi’s air burst (ZL+ZR) to open up this area. Now follow the path to the right until you reach the lobby with the elevator. Traverse along the edge of the small balcony until you discover a hidden crawl space with a chest in it. Open up this chest to nab the first gem.

Floor 3 Gem 2

You can find the second gem in the Heart Key store on the first floor of the Mall Lobby. Once inside, fire your plunger at the mannequin bust that’s to your left. Pull on it with the Poltergust G-00 to open up a secret room next to the cash register. Head inside to find the second gem sitting on the pipe on the top right of the screen. Suck it down to claim your prize.

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Floor 3 Gem 3

The third gem is exceedingly easier to obtain. Go to where the Security Guard Ghost dropped the Diamond Key and use your flashlight on the large vending machine. Hitting it with a fully charged flashlight shot will cause it to spit out an item. Each time you hit the green lights a new item will disperse that you can suck up. It will take six tries to get the third gem to appear. Just be careful, shooting the vending machine for the fifth time will summon a swarm of rats.

Floor 3 Gem 4

On the second floor of the Mall Lobby, head to the far left past the Diamond Key store. Shine your dark light on the left side of the store’s entrance to create a ladder. Once you suck up all the dark light balls, the ladder will fully form so you can climb up. Now make your way to the far right, capturing any bats you encounter along the way. You’ll find the fourth gem along with a handful of coins inside a chest waiting by the far wall.

Floor 3 Gem 5

When you get off the elevator, head to the right down the hallway towards the bathrooms. Enter the Men’s Room and shine your dark light on the front left corner of the floor. This will cause a grate to appear along with a few floating dark light balls. Suck up these balls to cause the grate to fully form. Now use Gooigi to drop through the grate and make your way to the valve on the left. Turning the valve will shut the water off in the next room.

Swap back to Luigi and use your flashlight on the green button to your left. Doing so will unlock a small pipe that Gooigi can pass through. Use your gooey doppelganger to squeeze into the Women’s Room and grab the fifth gem on the toilet in the back left corner.

Floor 3 Gem 6

Enter the Diamond Shop as Gooigi and use the Diamond Key on the cash register in the back left corner. This will play a small cinematic where a ghost nabs the Heart Key that appears. Once you regain control of Gooigi, several ghosts will appear around the room. Show them the true power of Gooigi and take care of them with your vacuum. With the ghosts defeated and Heart Key required, shoot a plunger onto one of the large suitcases. Suck the plunger into the Poltergust G-00, but do not hit A right away.

Instead, drag the suitcase to the large display case on the back wall. Line up Gooigi’s back so it’s facing the case with the yellow gem in it and hit A. This will cause Gooigi to slam the suitcase into the glass, shattering it and giving you access to the sixth and final gem. Hey, it’s just some light thievery and destruction of property, right? Mario will understand.


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