How to Beat Lucy & Buddy – The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Guide

All right, if you’re at this point, you’re officially half way through the raid. Boomer has been defeated, the triple threat of Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel have fallen and it’s on to the next Operation Dark Hours encounter. While you’ve been fighting humans to this point, now you’ll face two Black Tusk robots. This is our Division 2 Operation Dark Hours guide for taking down the Lucy & Buddy.

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Lucy & Buddy Boss Fight Guide – Operation Dark Hours Raid

After the last encounter, you will work your way forward to neutralize the remaining Black Tusk assets. The game will ask you to open a gated fence. Two new bosses, Lucy and Buddy, are behind it. Buddy, the smaller of the two robots, is a healer who constantly keeps the pair alive. Lucy is much larger with a machine gun mounted to the top of her head.

Just like during the Boomer boss fight, each enemy will usually aggro to a specific player. As per usual, that person should just focus on staying alive while everyone else deals with the robots!

The unique mechanic throughout this encounter is called the Overcharge Window. In short, you’ll notice a white box over both Lucy and Buddy’s health bars. Their armor bars must remain within this window at all times. Sustained DPS is recommended, rather than one large burst. If you exceed the window in either direction, ISAC will warn everyone about a massive overcharge. When this happens, two players need to run to the center and interact with a pair of laptops at the same time. Failing to do so will cause both Lucy and Buddy to heal completely. Needless to say that’s pretty much equivalent to failing the encounter…

It’s worth noting that Lucy has an attack where her minigun winds up and spins 360 degrees, instantly downing anyone not in cover. Try and get used to this early! Once both bots are below 50 percent of their health, Buddy will send out Seeker Mines as well. Shoot the mines before they reach players or risk your team being knocked out of cover and into the line of fire.

In short, this isn’t a very complicated encounter — just one that requires a good bit of patience and care.

Up next: The final raid encounter with Blacktusk!


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