Lost Judgment Walkthrough Guide – All Answers for Every Chapter

Breaking the law.

As you progress through the main story in Lost Judgment, an array of investigation set pieces will appear. These include first-person sequences where you search for clues or objects of interest, as well as conversations where you need to present evidence. This guide includes all the answers for each, avoiding as many spoilers as possible. If you’re just starting the game, follow the guide along from the beginning. If not, you can just search the term or question from the game in the page, as we have copied them as is to simplify the search.

Chapter 1 Answers

Active Search – Tutorial Mission:

  • Empty window – bottom left window.
  • Second one is in the alley on the left – facing left, aim at the AC unit and examine it.

Active Search – School:

  • Look at the water bottle and then talk to him for a third dialogue prompt.
  • Offer him 1,000 yen and he’ll go away.

Active Search – Observe the bullied child:

  • Examine her notebook on the desk.
  • Mami Koda.

Chapter 2 Answers

What pushed the chairman towards taking action against the bullying now?

  • Shinjuku Station Security Footage.
  • Eyewitness Smartphone Footage – this is the correct answer.
  • Trace Element Inspection Report.

Active Search – Look for Clues about Mikoshiba:

  • Examine the photo frame.

Figure out a way to get out of this:

  • Use observation mode and inspect the bulletin board, specifically the bottom right flyer.

Find any relevant clues:

  • Examine the photo frame.
  • When zoomed in, examine the second photograph on the right.

Chapter 3 Answers

Find Takanashi in Isezaki Road:

  • Right when the search starts, you will see a couple students around you. However, Takanashi can be found inside the restaurant, talking to her phone. You can either enter or just aim and Focus on her from the window outside.

Chapter 4 Answers

Active Search – Look for an Entry Point:

  • Head to the left side of the blocked door and turn around the corner. You will see a broken fencing – examine it to reveal the path forward.
  • Once in the alleyway, aim at the three A/C units that are right behind Yagami as soon as he enters first person view.

Activate Search – Investigate the Scene:

  • Focus on the burn marks shaped as an arrow and the bloodstain.

Present evidence to Watanabe:

  • Directing Scorch Marks.
  • Photo of Hiro Mikoshiba – This is the correct answer.
  • Bloodstains near MIkoshiba’s body.

During the task to investigate the wiretapping incident, Yagami will have to show just how trustworthy he can be:

  • Work Clothes.
  • Yagami Detective Agency Business Card.
  • Attorney’s Badge – this is the correct answer.

Investigate the train cart:

  • Focus on the security camera on the top right corner of the door next to Yagami (on his right side as soon as first person begins).

Search for Security Cameras – First Area:

  • In order to find all security cameras in the station, look above towards the back of Yagami to find one hanging from the ceiling (looks like a lamp) in front of a clock.
  • The second camera is slightly to the right of the stairs, below the yellow sign that has the arrow pointing upwards.
  • Lastly, there’s a third and final camera that is pointing at the staircase, right in the middle of the way there on the ceiling.

Search for Security Cameras – Second Area

  • There’s a camera next to the parked train on the right, facing the opposite side of Yagami.
  • From that exact spot, look to your left to find a second one that also looks like a lamp.
  • Follow it and get to the other end to find a third camera slightly to the left.

Search for Security Cameras – Third Scene:

  • You will see a sign that says Paradise City on the left end – there’s a camera on the ceiling right before it.
  • The fifth one in this area is on the right side (so, following the parked train) and right after the white column with the green stripes.

Search for Security Cameras – Fourth Scene:

  • Sticking to the parked train as a starting point, you’ll find the first camera looking the opposite side of where Yagami is.
  • The second is slightly ahead and to the left of it, close to the yellow sign with the exits
  • The third camera is on the other end of the station, facing the exterior.
  • The fourth and last camera is right in the centre of the area, in between the stations’ sign and a white clock.

Overhead View of Station Platform:

  • Investigate the Escape Path staircase, the bottom path below the first staircase, and both the Disembark and Apprehended spots.

While interviewing Ehara, you’ll have to show a piece of evidence the police don’t have:

  • Present the Photo of Hiro Mikoshiba.

Chapter 5 Answers


  • The murder footage was fabricated.
  • The groping incident was a setup – this is the correct answer.
  • What if they’re both real…?

Then, you’ll have to present evidence to prove that if Ehara murdered Mikoshiba – there must be some deceit within the groping evidence:

  • Present the Trace Element Inspection Report.

Find a way forward without getting caught:

  • When you’re in the back room, investigate the ventilation duct in front of the waving flags.
  • For a foothold, focus on the Coban baskets.


How do we get Yui Mamiya’s attention and have her open the door for us?

  • Make it sound quick and simple.
  • Sweet-talk her.
  • Empathize with her – this is the correct answer.

Observe the Room – Take Note of Mamiya-san’s Lifestyle

  • Investigate the family photo, the kid’s drawing, the laptop, the frying pan, the TV, the jungle gym, the kid, and Mamiya herself.

What piece of evidence contradicts Yui Mamiya’s story?

  • Present Hiro Mikoshiba’s Murder Footage.

Who uploaded Ehara’s murder footage to the internet?

  • Ehara’s accomplices posted it.

Ehara wasn’t really on camera the entire time was at the scene. What evidence shows that?

  • Present the Overhead View of Station Platform.

This is followed by the fact that Ehara wasn’t constantly on camera, and the proof is…

  • Mark the point found below the first set of stairs, to the right of the camera icon facing to the DIsembark Point cross.

If Mikoshiba’s murder was set up, then what else can we deduce?

  • Yui Mamiya was colluding with Ehara is the correct answer.

I think I’ve heard about this Kurokawa Academy recently. That was…

  • Someone spying on me went there is the correct answer.

Chapter 6 Answers


  • During the Saori segment, choose you’re just my type!
  • Then, choose I’m sure you know who RK is.

They’re starting to suspect me. This isn’t good… What should I call myself?

  • I don’t owe you a name is the right answer.

Talk to someone who might know Sawa’s home address:

  • Head to the Chairman’s Office on the third floor.

Chapter 8 Answers

Investigate the scene:

  • Sawa’s cause of death: Examine her neck.
  • Clues to the truth: Examine the blood, then the yearbook.
  • Crime scene details: Examine the cut door chain.

Sawa-sensei’s Kurokawa Academy Yearbook. What do I do with this…?

  • Take this yearbook with you is the correct answer

Look for Clues about Kuwana:

  • Inspect the pack of cigarettes next to his pillow, the stain on the floor close to the futon, and the ashtray on the desk. Then, inspect the cigarettes again, and rotate the pack to examine the lighter.

Kuwana was using a fake name. How do we dig any deeper?

  • His real name is Kitakata.

Chapter 9 Answers

It’s a bullying video Kuwana kept hidden away. What can we gain from this?

  • Inspect the tall student on the left and then the student pointing the phone at him.

When you do this, a prompt will appear:

  • Female student with the maiden name Suzuki. What’s her name now after 13 years? Yui Mamiya.
  • Then, inspect the student to the right of Mamiya, Mitsuru himself, and the date of the video.

Yearbook Inspection:

  • Inspect the teacher’s photo.

What was Kuwana’s goal right after he was forced out of teaching 13 years ago?

  • To get revenge on the bullies.

The evidence we’ve gathered so far should have clues on who knew Kawai:

  • Present the Mitsuru Kusumoto’s Bullying Video.

What should I ask? Might not be a good idea to ask her anything that’ll piss her off. In order:

  • Have you seen Kitakata-sensei lately?
  • Do you remember Mitsuru Kusumoto?
  • The groping was orchestrated, right?

There’s no way Kuwana forgot Yui Mamiya’s face. What proves that?

  • Present the Mitsuru Kusumoto’s Bullying Video.

Chapter 10 Answers

I’d better press Yui Mamiya on this evidence:

  • Present the Trace Element Inspection Report.
  • Present Ehara’s Transit Card.
  • Present Hiro Mikoshiba’s Murder Footage.

What piece of evidence shows what Ehara did to Mikoshiba after beating him up?

  • Present Hiro Mikoshiba’s Murder Footage.

Where did Ehara hear the truth about Mikoshiba’s bullying?

  • Did Sawa-sensei tell you what happened?

Genda-sensei looks troubled. Now what should I say?

  • We should listen to Saori-san.

Active Search in Geomijul – Find a Way Through:

  • Look for a viable route: Take the corridor on your right towards the other end, where you’ll see a plank with yellow arrows on it. Get close to the balcony and inspect it.

Who are the people going after Kuwana?

  • Public Security.

Why is Public Security after Kuwana?

  • They’re working with Reiko Kusumoto.

Chapter 11 Answers

What do I ask Reiko Kusumoto?

  • Has Public Security contacted you?
  • How is your son doing now?
  • Tell me about Kawai’s murder.

I should communicate our position on Ehara’s appeal:

  • Ehara’s guilty verdict was wrong.

There was a big hole in the security footage that supposedly proved Ehara’s guilt. What was it?

  • Present the Overhead View of Station Platform.

I really don’t want to, but I have to do something to cheer Hoshino-kun up!

  • Praise his stupid achievement.

I need to derail the conversation, but how!?

  • Stroke Genda-sensei’s chin.

Chapter 12 Answers

Look for a Way to Proceed:

    • Light up the room: Turn around and focus on the light switch at the right side of the door.
    • Look for a way to proceed: Interact with the passcode-locked door on the right corner of the room.
    • The code is 0508.

Chapter 13 Answers

Ehara has some evidence of murdering MIkoshiba? What could it be?

  • He still has the murder weapon.

What evidence shows Ehara swapped places with his double after one of them ran?

  • Present the Overhead View of Station Platform.

How do I bring up the harassment victim, Yui Mamiya?

  • We have reason to doubt the victim’s credibility.

I can’t let Ehara play dumb. There’s gotta be something I can do!

  • You’re familiar with Jin Kuwana, yes?

What proves Ehara and Kuwana had contact in the past?

  • Present the Recorded Call with Sawa-sensei.

Find a Way to the Other Side:

  • Discover an alternate entry route: Inspect the Forklift, the red drums, the pile of pallets, the white warehouse, and the A/C unit right next to it.

Find a Way to the Other Side (Again):

  • Discover an alternate entry route: Inspect the A/C unit to your right, the forklift, and the red drums at the top with the gap in between.

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