Lost Judgment Robotics Club Guide – Best Builds and Minigame Tips

Tetris reject.

diegoIn case the first sight of School Stories wasn’t enough to scare you, the Robotics Club in Lost Judgment is by far the most complex minigame of the bunch. It’s a mix of Tetris, chess, and robot building that somehow works well enough to be entertaining. That being said, it can get complicated pretty fast. This page will focus on giving you tips to make the most out of each match, as well as explain the best builds for Robotics Club in Lost Judgment.

How Does the Robotics Club Work in Lost Judgment?

From the minigames in School Stories, this is the most time consuming. Which starts as a breezy and quite intriguing spin on strategy games soon becomes a chore. Don’t get me wrong, the core itself is fun enough. But since you have three robots to customize and robot parts are hard to find, it gets grindy.

It’s likely that you’ll be fine until you reach 50% completion of the storyline. From there, enemy robots will start using fire weapons of different sorts. Ranged damage can be brutal, especially with snipers as they can one-shot you if you’re unarmored. If you also have hit this roadblock, or just want to prepare yourself ahead of time, we have some tips for you.

Robotics Club Minigame Tips – Lost Judgment

Let’s start with the basics. At first tutorials will tell you that the goal in every match is to obtain a score majority over the opposing team. This is true, but there’s an easier and faster way to win matches. If you manage to put a block on the opposite team’s base (doesn’t need to cover everything, just one slot is enough!) you will automatically win.

From now on, focus on taking over their base instead of trying to gain as many points as possible before the timer runs out. It’s a waste, and you will need to save as much time as feasible when you start grinding previous levels. In order to achieve this, build a path from your base to your opponent’s. If they put a block in between, don’t worry. As long as there’s a block on the ground that is from your color, you can build around it.

Your teammates aren’t great, but they will occasionally collect blocks for you, which is helpful. Try and keep at least one eye on their health, since all robots (including the one you use) take ten seconds to respawn. Always try to identify the opposing leader and see if you can take it down. While enemies will retain all blocks picked up by their teammates up to that point, same as you, you will at least gain at least ten seconds in your favor.

As per the crafting system, the club covers funding, so you don’t need to worry about spending your own money. That being said, funds aren’t unlimited, but they increase as the storyline progresses.

It’s unlikely that you’ll meet the threshold unless you spend in several parts, though. But it may vary depending on the case. That being said you can, and should, customize all three robots whenever possible. The more matches you do, the more recipes you will unlock to craft either new parts or better versions of existing ones.

As you get closer to the 50% of the storyline, you will notice that opposite robots become faster and more aggressive. Sadly, the difficulty takes quite a spike. Crafting went from an activity I used to do every now and then to a necessity to progress. But it’s alright, since you only need to focus on one thing: weapons.

It’s easy to ignore them, but using drills, hammers, or shields won’t get you anywhere. You need pistols, snipers, and anything that can deal ranged damage. Your opponents will start using them sooner than later, so it’s best to be prepared. We recommend that you choose a sniper-like weapon, since they have the chance to one-hit enemy robots as long as they don’t have a shield or any other defense around them. Then, the rest of your team can have other weapon categories. But always prioritize firearms whenever possible.

Once all three of you are packed with weapons, all matches will go smoother. Sometimes you will find yourself against a team with a fast robot that constantly targets you. Don’t try to avoid them. Instead, make sure to take them down as soon as they’re in your line of sight.

That’s the gist of it. As long as you focus your energy on taking over the enemy base instead of trying to cover the ground with your blocks, you should be good to go. The only problem is that most of the materials you’ll need to get the mid to late game upgrades require for you to replay previous matches. This is done through practice matches. You can see the rewards you will obtain from each, so just look for the item you need and grind away. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to revisit easier matches. 

There are other materials that can be found as you’re roaming around the city. But if you’re in need of anything specific, the General Goods Cart in the northeastern corner of Hamakita Park can help.

Best Builds for Robotics Club – Lost Judgment

If you’re curious about specific builds, you can find what we used to complete the storyline. Bear in mind that while some of the items categories are fairly high, we used to have the lower categories before, and just upgraded them over time. If you’re stuck in a match, make sure to double check this.

Based on our experience, these were the builds we ended up with:

Deus Build

  • XF-07
  • Battery / L-KR80
  • Balanced Motor H
  • Eagle Sniper R Mk2
  • Enhance Move Speed Lv. 2
  • Enhance Rotation Speed Lv. 1

Ex Build

  • XF-07
  • Battery / L-KR80
  • Balanced Motor S
  • MG Firefly RX3
  • Enhance Rotation Speed Lv. 2
  • Enhance Move Speed Lv. 2

Machina Build

  • MB1000E
  • Battery / L-KR80
  • Speed Motor H
  • Gorilla Hammer v3
  • Enhance Move Speed Lv.2

Always have the best possible Batteries and Balanced Motors available. The first allows you to carry better upgrades without incurring penalties. The second is perfect for giving your overall stats a boost, covering pretty much every aspect.

Best of luck with the Robotics Club Minigame!


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