Lost Judgment Record Locations Guide – Where to Find All Records

You spin me round.

Vinyl players continue to be all the rage, and Yagami could not escape the hype in Lost Judgment. In both Yagami Detective Agency (Kamurocho) and Yokohama 99 (Ijincho), you can make use of a record player to play a selection of 11 songs. As expected, instead of having access to the library from the get-go, the songs happen to be collectibles as well. Here’s where to find all records in Lost Judgment so you can brag to Kaito about that high fidelity audio.

Lost Judgment Record Locations

As we mentioned, you can find 11 records in Lost Judgment, scattered throughout stores, main story progress, cats, and even The Gauntlet. Unlocking all of these will grant you the Sweet Jams achievement.

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Yagami Detective Agency

You can find the full list below:

  • Opening: Obtained by default when you start the game.
  • Random Fire: Befriend the gray cat in Ijincho’s Chinatown (unlocked by doing the side case The Forbidden Taste).
  • Let’s Dance!: Can be purchased for 3,500 yen at Ebisu Pawn Yokohama.
  • My Own Way: Found after completing the Squirrel Search close to la chatte blanche in Daikokuten St.
  • Inharmonics: Found after completing the Squirrel Search south of Ebisu Pawn in Nakamichi Alley.
  • Esmeralda: Can be purchased for 5,530 yen at Benten Pawn.
  • Long Drill on the Beach: Can be purchased for 4,480 yen at Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho.
  • Girls: Can be purchased for 6,300 yen at Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho.
  • Yagami Detective Agency: Can be found as loot in the parking lot next to S Sakura River St. while you’re taking Detective Dog for a walk (to enable this in free roam, interact with the dog in Yokohama 99 and go out with him, instead of using the gadgets menu).
  • All’s Well That Ends Well: Obtained automatically after you complete the main story. Head to Yokohama 99 and retrieve it from the item box next to the door (after you’ve taken the elevator to the office, not on the street itself).
  • Faster Than Lighting: Obtained by completing the Ijincho Sprint challenge in The Gauntlet, which is an additional mode accessed via the main menu. This one sounds complicated on paper, but is fairly straightforward.
    • Make sure to use the Tree Trunk Legs Extract that’s in your inventory. This will boost your speed up and reduce the negative status Yagami gets when he stumbles upon an obstacle.
    • In addition, keep an eye for objects that you can kick at your target — there’s a football after you hop over the cars and dodge the floor signs, and another on the bridge that follows.
    • As long as you keep an eye on any button prompts and pick up health bottles as you go, you’ll be more than fine to complete this!.

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  1. I did the challenge und succeeded. It also said that I fit the Faster than lightning record as reward. But its not in my inventory and I also didnt get the trophy. It was the last record I needed…whats wrong?!

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