Lost Judgment Disguises Guide – Disguises Gallery and Locations

Do I know you?

Good detectives, such as Yagami in Lost Judgment, make use of anything on their reach to solve a case. From chasing UFOs in side cases to infiltrating a motorcycle gang in school stories in order to conquer the world of underground races, Yagami does it all. Amidst these are disguises, which he can make use of during select moments. These can drastically change his appearance, and present themselves as the closest thing to in-game skins for the protagonist. This guide details where to find all disguises, as well as a disguises gallery so you can see how they look on Yagami.

What Are Disguises for in Lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment, unlike Yakuza: Like a Dragon, does not tend to lean on JRPG tropes. For most of your time in the game, Yagami will be wearing the same clothes, despite the fact that you can equip him with different gear pieces. This has always been the norm for Yakuza games in general, aside from the occasional skin.

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Disguises, which were introduced in the first game as well, are only for special occasions. The side cases Dueling Dojos, Curse of the Amasawa Family Heirloom, and Takayuki Yagami: Evil Detective? serve as examples. But they are also present in key moments of the main chapters.

Disguises List – Lost Judgment

While the majority of disguises are fairly standard, some really standout and can make Yagami look… differently, to say the least. You can see all of them below, as well as their unique descriptions and details as of where to find them:

Street Style

  • Description: Yagami’s signature style, with a leather jacket, washed-out jeans, and white sneakers.
  • How to obtain: These are the default clothes (which seem like they haven’t been washed since the first game).

Dirty Clothes 

  • Description: Dress like a bum, and most people on the street won’t even look at you.
  • How to obtain: Can be purchased for 1,500 yen in Odonera’s Wares.

Stakeout Style

  • Description: Sunglasses and a beanie, the classic disguise for keeping a low profile.
  • How to obtain: Can be purchased for 6,300 yen in Bentenya.

Work Clothes

  • Description: A worker’s outfit balancing safety and mobility, all at a reasonable price.
  • How to obtain: Obtained during Chapter 1 after you wake up the next day in Yokohama 99.

Vampire Costume

  • Description: The cloak of Bram Sylvania III, hemmed by humans who wished to pay tribute.
  • How to obtain: Can be purchased for 99,800 in Hustle Boutique.

Tailored Suit

  • Description: Custom men’s wear from Le Marche. Overflowing with uncommon elegance.
  • How to obtain: Obtained during Chapter 13.

Pilot Costume

  • Description: A flight uniform assigned to airline pilots. You’d look awesome in it.
  • How to obtain: Can be purchased for 32,500 in Hustle Boutique.

Bartender Style

  • Description: A black formal vest and paisley shirt combo. Now you can feel just like a bartender.
  • How to obtain: Obtained during the “Find Kaito” main mission in Chapter 5.

Ninja Outfit

  • Description: The perfect attire for those who work in the shadows. Believe it!
  • How to obtain: Obtained during the Dueling Dojo side case.

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